Sunday, February 05, 2006

Does the fantasy of the black bull perpetuate a racist stereotype

Tallchisub raises a very good point in his post to my last comment. Does the fantasy of the black bull perpetuate a rascist stereotype?

I find myself becoming sexually excited by the idea of being with a black man. Is there a racist origin to my fantasy? My husband, like many submissive men with an interest in cuckolding, has very special interest in being cuckolded by a black man. Is he a racist? Is it a reflection of "white social guilt" on his part for the crimes that society has perpetuated on the black race? Does he now want to submit to humiliation by a black man to repent for this history? Is my own interest a function of the same? Is my own perception (shared by my husband) of a black man's physical superiority in sexual matters a rascist stereotype?

Do most of my submissive readers imagine white or black bulls when considering cuckold fantasies? Please comment.


pd said...

As a hopeful and longing cuckold, i have had conversations with my Wife about her taking a Big Black "Fuck Buddy." She laughs and says that She wouldn't know where to find one, but she admits that it would be "interesting." She knows that i will submit to whatever she decides, but for me the thought of a Black Man having my Wife is easier to accept because i know that the encounter would be all about sex. i wouldn't be as apprehensive about Her leaving me for Him. i think that this is a major aspect of the whole scene for a cuckold. In another vein, i would be much less threatened if She cuckolded me with a young Man. She and i are both in our late forties and to be cuckolded by a Man my of my age would terrifying.

sub hubbie said...

Speaking as a big black cuckold man I don't think the issue of race in sexual relations like this fits the normal race analysis mould. Your fantasy is what your fantasy is, and if you can and do enjoy it, and it hurts no one, then more power to you. My Mistress has fucked about 20 or so other guys in the 11 years we have been together. It so happens that none of them has been black. She has seen a black guy with a HUGE dick that She did want to fuck, but was not able to arrange it. One of her bulls was asian. But the choice is Hers, and I don't think it bears analysing - She's free to cuckold me with whoever She chooses without having to justify Herself on the grounds of race. In my mind the same rules apply to you - enjoy yourself, be careful and don't hurt others (unless they are your submissive!) beyond that you are free to do whatever colour you please.

Richard said...

I don't think it perpetuates a stereotype as much as it leverages a social taboo to increase the "naughtiness" factor.

My wife isn't interested in dating black guys because her ex-husband was black (we are both white) and for her, it would bring up bad emotional memories. She also thinks that age is a better predictor of sexual stamina and prowess in men than race, so she does prefer men five to ten years younger than herself. But most important of all is the whole "package", i.e. is the guy attractive, confident, personable, reasonably intelligent, etc.

You should have sex with whomever you're attracted to, and if that involves a black guy, that's great, but race alone probably isn't going to determine how much you enjoy the experience.

By the way, I agree with pd in that the less appropriate the guy would be as a long term partner, the less threatening he'll seem to your husband. The only thing that I find a little scary about her dating younger men is that the sex will be so good that it will make her less satisfied with the sex from me. So far, that hasn't happened, so I'm not as concerned about it as I was initially.

Thanks for filling us in on the latest developments in your journey with your husband.



Wayne C. Rogers said...

Dear Lady Katherine,
A very interesting question! First, you may want to check out Mistress Jenna's blog at Jenna is extremely dominant over her white submissive husband, Nick, while at the same time being very submissive to Master Jamal, a large, black, dominant male with an erection that's ten inches long and seven inches in diameter. The blot gives some insight into what a relationship with a black, well-endowed bull might be like. I agree with a lot of what pd, Richard, and sub hubbie had to say. I don't know if having an affair with a black bull would perpetuate a rascist stereotype, but it would definitely fulfill a sexual fantasy that has "taboo" written all over it. The "taboo" aspect of it has been in existence for the last two-to-three hundred years, and is still in affect today in many parts of the country. This can certainly add to the sexual rush of such an affair. I should also point out that there seems to a large number of black bulls who are more than eager to help a white married woman cuckold her husband. Many black bulls get off on doing this, as well as sexually dominating the husband, if the wife is into that. The sexual excitement for a white submissive male comes from not only knowing (or seeing)that his wife is having sex with another man, but that it's a black man who is so well-endowed that the husband can never hope to be able to complete with him. It humiliates the husband to the very core of his being, while also exciting him in ways that are difficult to understand. Also, if the husband is made to perform clean-up duties in front of the black bull, it adds to his humiliation and submissiveness in a way that is stronger and far more powerful in scope than cleaning up after a white bull. There is an old saying that once a white woman has had a black man for sex that she'll never be satisfied again with just her husband. This is probably a myth, but then again there are married white woman who swear by it. The white submissive husband gives the woman emotional and financial security, while the black bull gives her the sex of a lifetime!! This is something that will cause a submissive white male to feel more like a slave (a reversal of what took place hundreds of years ago) than if his wife had sex with another white male, or Asian male, or Native American Indian. There's also the strong likelihood that when a Dominant white married woman takes a black bull as her lover, that the husband may very well find himself on his knees, performing oral sex on the bull. Black bulls usually push for this in a cuckolded relationship in which the wife is Dominant. It adds to their sense of dominance and superiority over the white husband. To Katherine's husband, be careful what you wish for! Black bulls are known for ejaculating copious amounts of semen into white women, not once but several times during the course of an evening, perhaps in an unconscious attempt to impregnate them. The clean-up duties might be far more than you bargained for :-))

hish06 said...

Sorry but I join the minority view that this doesn't make sense. If the relationship between "Kate"and "Jim" really happened, it would not have just happened as a one-night stand. Simple as that. Now veering towards the inter-racial idea makes it all seem rather familiar.

Richard said...

"If the relationship between "Kate"and "Jim" really happened, it would not have just happened as a one-night stand. Simple as that."

What's that old saying, "Frequently wrong but never in doubt"?

Thank goodness that the self appointed internet fraud police have come to save us poor gullible cuckolds from the sneaky phony blogger.

/sarcasm mode off

Actually, thoughtful couples who value their primary relationship proceed exactly as Kate and her husband have done. Three people have to be fully in consent in order for this type of relationship to work, and that includes the husband being cuckolded. By waiting until her husband is comfortable with moving forward, Kate is simply showing respect for him and for their marriage.

All couples who actually do this successfully and without harming their marriage have a set of ground rules that they agree to, one of which is usually that the feelings and needs of everyone, including the husband, are considered.

Here are two free clues, Hish06:

- It's a big internet. If you think this blog is a fake, don't read it.

- Real life is not like the erotic fiction you find on the cuckold websites.

pd said...

To hish06,
Please don't read. We've been down this road before. You can certainly have your opinion, but its not ours. Do a search on cuckolds and see how many sites come up. Some people like this stuff. My Wife is constantly being "hit" on at work and probably a lot of other places. She knows that i am her submissive and She can act whenever She wants to. She knows i will support whatever decision She makes. She certainly is capable of a one night stand. She has certainly shown interest in making love to a Black Man. I am sure that there are many middle age Women who harbor the same ideas, and now it seems there are many middle age husbands who would accept and even encourage their Wives' "wanton sexual adventures." So why should someone be so sure that this is fake? A lot of Women know that a lot of men want them to be dominant, and in this age the Woman are beginning to dominate Their men. This blog may be too real for some men.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

To pd and Richard,
Good going. Let it rip! If certain people think that this blog is fake, then please go somewhere else. There are plenty of other websites and blogs for you to read. It's as simple as that. When readers occasionally write me to say just how much my short stories suck, I tell them not to read them. Period. End of story. It's the same with this blog. A lot of us enjoy it and want Katherine to continue, so please leave us alone!!! Is that so hard to understand, or do we have to draw you a map?

Anonymous said...

Dear Katherine,

In my younger times (not that I am old now) I've read countless stories where white wifes were taken by black brothers who could hardly say anything than "moan". Well, this might be a relict of the past.

For me, as a Greek with a Hungarian wife, there is no such background. I see the idea of interracial cuckolding simple in the beauty of the act. Imagine the contrast of the skin while they embrace. I want to look at my wife's lips locked around his black cock. I want to see it invading her like I've never been able to.

It's just much nicer to imagine it this way. Well, for us it's yet just bedroom-talk, but we are proceeding.

be well,

maxfrat said...


Pretty crazy of you to think a woman wouldn't leave an average dick for a huge one. Who wouldn't want to be satisfied on that level..have a pussy filled to the brim each night? To the men, would you not want to be with Christy Brinkley or Cindy Crawford every night?

The whole reason a person has such fantasies is the desire to have what they don't have. If my wife asked me to be with bigger and better.. I would wonder deep down what she truly thought of me and my abilyt to please her. Just my two cents.


Jenna said...

have always loved your journal. love reading your updates.

i tried to post a comment on here but it apparently was too long. so... i posted it on my journal, if any are interested in reading it. my journal is at

pd said...

You've got it all wrong. Its not about bigger and better, its about control. my Wife dosen't want to be "filled to the brim" every night, She wants to control me and let me know that She calls the shots. An affair would be a solidyfying event showing Her complete control. i'm sure She would enjoy the sex, but She would also love the power switch, for both She and i know that i could never be Her equal again;this is why we both know that cuckolding will happen. Ten years ago i would love to be with Christy Brinkley, but now there is no better feling than providing oral service to my Wife and having her totally disregard me after She orgasms. A frustated husband servicing his Wife with no reciprication is heaven. Cuckolding is one means to a completely Female dominated marriage with some great fun for the Wife.

hish06 said...

1) When your Mistress gets up in the morning you will kiss her feet, fetch her breakfast, help her with her toilet.
2) Before your Mistress leaves for work, you will ascertain your chores for the day.
3) When your Mistress comes home you will remove her shoes, massage her feet, fetch her a drink, and make her feel welcome and relaxed.
4) You will wear any man-servant’s uniform your Mistress gives you.
5) You will work for your Mistress only and turn all money over to her to be used as she sees fit.
6) You will serve guests as your Mistress desires.
7) You will keep your Mistress’s house and car clean, and do any other work she tells you to.
8) You will care for your Mistress’s wardrobe and shoes.
9) You will keep your gaze on your Mistress’s feet and only look at her face if she permits you to.
10) You will receive a real or symbolic slap/ kicking as your Mistress sees fit to remind you of your place and you will thank your Mistress for it.
11) You will not be jealous and will assist your Mistress in every way if she wishes to date other men or have lovers occasionally.
12) You will support your Mistress emotionally when she is in a relationship with another man, acting like her best friend.
13) You may beg permission to be silently present on your knees with your head down when your Mistress is with her lover but permission may not be granted.
14) You will always be erect for as long as necessary as your Mistress demands.
15) You may beg to lick your Mistress’s feet/suck her toes at any time you think she will not mind but you may not look up at her face or orgasm except with her permission.
16) You will be obedient and respectful towards your Mistress always and pray to her as your Goddess.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

To everyone,
Jenna, or Mistress Jenna, wrote a very interesting and throught-provoking and extremely long comment to Lady Katherine's compelling question about "rascist sterotypes" on her new blog. Check it out by clicking on her name. She has actually been living the experience that Lady Katherine is writing about.

Wife of sissy said...

I don't believe the idea that black men are better endowed is a racist sterertype, but it is a stereotype that may have some, small basis in reality. There have been numerous studies that relate body shape to climatic origens, due in large part to heat regulation. Those from hot regions have elongated forms, those from colder climates have more compact morphology. Studies about penis sizie and race are more problematic, showing only small variations. A better correlation is the length of the middle finger.
I am a true believer in the "slow dance" test. As a woman, I can evaluate a man on the dance floor without any preconcieved notions of ethnicity.
I think most women would love a big one and from what my girlfriends have shared with me and my own experience, I would say that about 7 to 9 inches in length and about two inches in width is ideal for both deep cervical compression and for streching and massaging the g=spot area.
For me, the activity of a man is very important. Nothing gets me better than long, deep, prolonged strokes that pin me down. It also helps if the man uptilts his action to reach my g-spot at the crucial time. So I would rather have a thick six-incher with good technique, than a monster that is lack-luster when on top. For finding the active types,I like the health spa.
So, if you are curious about Black, then you should go for it. But if you seek size, stamina and activity, a better bet would be the gym and dance floor. Size alone can be a great vehicle for humiliation of hubbie, so I hope you both find what you seek, especially you Katherine.

FastCarsFasterWife said...

How do you and your husband feel about blacks in general?
I personally look down upon them myself.
Not out of racism but out of alot of negative experiences growing up with them (I live very close to Philadelphia)
Most of the ones I have known have been in trouble for drugs, theft, statutory rape and other such offensive behavior.
I do have 1 very close black friend who has always been there for me, is dependable, honorable and has the most polite mannerisms of any person I know black or white.
I would not trade his friendship for anything.
He is engaged to a white girl.
In any other situation I would view this as incredibly offensive, but because I know him and how well he treats her (better then most wives/girlfriends are treated) I think it is good for them both.

Now what this means to me as a submissive male is that while I know there is the potential to be some very extrodinay black men out there, since I look down on them in general any contact my wife would have with one sexually would diminish her in my eyes.
I would not feel it as being humiliating to me as I would feel it being degrading for her.
This brings me to thoughts I have had while frequenting cuckold sites.
Do men though they claim to be submissive and inferior who like their women to be taken by black men because secretly they think it is degrading for their wives, and having their wives degraded is in part a thrill because of some deep resentment they may carry towards them? Maybe in their own way having their wives degraded may bring them closer to being equals in the cuckolds mind?

My experience is that the most fun bulls are either younger or married men (low risk of attachment)
Bulls for the most intense experiences are former lovers, coworkers or bosses, friends of the husbands or a former relation of the wife's that she had always wanted to sleep with but never had the chance for whatever reason.

On a totally unrelated note are you ever worried that your husband agrees with verbally even though he doesn't feel that way simply out of what he sees as an obligation, or that me may have a fear of disagreeing with you due to your assertive role?

CoolioKK said...

I know that almost all of the time I fantasize about my wife with black man and you have started me thinking why that is. When we're having sex, she baits me with talk about other men, but won't go with me to the fantasy about a black man. Lately, I have an equally powerful fantasy about her with my boss, who is not black. I don't like my boss, so maybe that what's makes it so powerful: the thought of being not in control and her picking someone without regard to me. I don't think the black bull fantasy has anything to do with race as much as it has to do with our wives getting something something we can't provide. I never fantasize about a scrawny black man having sex with her, so black is only part of the equation. It has to do with BIG black man, or a YOUNGER man, or a man who may have power I don't. More than race the fantasy has to do with my wife picking someone that is something I am not and can't be, then doing things for him that she won't do for me.

pd said...

Great post hish06. These sixteen rules would be a wonderful way to live life.

hish06 said...

The rules are in use. Feel free to follow. On an earlier matter, Katherine's experience with Jim would normally have led to several more meetings between them. A woman's passion is not turned on or off so easily.

oldbear said...

Hello everyone, once again thanks for allthe great ideas and perspectives. To add mine, I do not think that getting excited by or engaging in black +white cuckolding is racist. The desire for or thrill from BIW may arise from some preconceived notion about black men's sexual prowess or lie in some feeling that is safer to be cucked by someone the ladyis less likely to marry. Peopel ought not to be blamed fo their feelings and desires. What might be cgood is to encourage them to think about why the feeling s are the way they are, and what consequences those actions may have.

everyone who is posting here and even most of the lurkers would probably agree with my opinion that the couple who engage in BIW have the right to do as they please, and "f" those who do not like it. Most of the people here probably are more open, honest, and understanding of racial issues in the US thatn the minstream average american.

Where problem may arise is when the mythical average person hears about cuckolding lifestyle events and has a negative reaction. At least at first, most people would probably disapprove of cuckolding. Many would be threatened, especially by the extreme form practised by Jenna, her hubby, and Jamal(sic?).

The general public may asribe whatever negative feelings theyhave abi=out cuck issues to the fact that one of the parties is black, or focus on that one narrow behavior nd act like that is typical of maost blacks. Tht is when we have a problem as a society. Such negative stereotypes about aminority group will lead to racism in one form or another...........tbc

oldbear said...

......To put it in familial perspective, my dad was chicano. He grew up in Orange county CA in the 30s and 40s. When he was kid the japanese and mexicans were only allowed to swim in the city pool on wednesday afternoon, because the pool water was being changed on thursday morning. peoepl has institutionalized negative feelings about the nisei and mexicanos and used the image of them as inferior or dirty to implement and justify and perpetuatee this abomination. A small but typical experieince for most minority people.

So the problem with BIW or mex into w cuck or whteverrr, is when we are indiscrete and or flaunt it. There are plenty of samll and angry people in the position to hire, fire, ticket, deny housing etc who will use these negtive images to justify their bigotry and the racist actions that arise form that bigotry. As others have said they dont want their kid to have to grow up bearing the weight of those negative stereotypes.

Please dont misunderstand me, I know the fault lies with the bigots, and we should not have to adjust our behavior because of their stupidty and insecurity. But the fact remains that many people will only focus on the negatives associated with this one small aspect of minority culture, and ignore the broader good and mundane humanity of a minority group. PLEASE be discreet when in public, and save the dramatic humiliations for private, or clubs like the one jenna describes as hookup joints in her blog.

if offended anyone I apologize, tha is not my intent but my grndparents and dad toght all of us, eventhe hueros(fair skinned liek me) to think of our fellow mexican people's burndens when in public. PAX to all

bobandmarg said...

My wife has had Black "Bull" lovers for a number of years. We have often discussed the racial issue and it has nothing to do with past guilt or anything like that. The eroticism of watching my wife experience sexual pleasure from a "superior" male is very exciting for both of us. It is the "Bull Stud" aspect of the encounter that is the main fantasy not race. I have also found that her Black lovers are much better playing the dominant role which is a requirement for me , the sub in the threesomes.

mdenton said...

I do not think so. With my husbands permission, I was trained to please black men by a black bull. I did not do my first black man becasue of race. My husband is very small, I had had large men, and the black guy I did first was large. Not a matter of race but size. I've been with over 50 black men in the last 4 years and find them to be bigger, harder and more willing to please a woman than white men. After being with 4 black men, I decided to partner with a black bull to learn the ways black men really like to be plased. It helped greatly. I can pleae a black man in every way and he pleasures me in return. Racist? No. Just good sex. I've been pimped out by my current bull on a couple of occastions, once to a bachelors party the others to a private birthday party. While he did split the money with me the main reason I did it was for the great sex. Black men just know how to push the right buttons when having sex. They know how to pleasure a woman and at the same time make her feel special and used. As far as sex goes, I am black owned, period. My husband is a cuckold in permanent chastity, with no orgasm in 3 years and hasn't had me in 4 years. He does get to clean me and my bull though and I've never met a white man that would allow himself to be cleaned by another man. My black lovers do allow it, and that is the extent of my husbands sex. And it has nothing to do with race. Just great sex.