Saturday, March 04, 2006


Last night, with a glass of wine in my hand and my husband nuzzled between my legs, I brought up the topic of Jim. I told him that I had recently been thinking about that evening. I asked my husband, now that some time has passed, what his thoughts were on the events that unfolded that night.

My husband was certainly quiet on the topic. However, I could see that it clearly aroused him. This was evident not only in the reappearance of his erection, but also a certain tenor that his body language takes as he drifts into subspace. I asked him to come up on the couch and kiss my breasts. This provided me an opportunity to hold his erection in my hand as we spoke more.

I asked him if he liked being my cuckold, even if it is something that we only occasionally practice. Of course he replied that he did. This, after all, is his nature... even if the actual activity takes some getting used to. I asked him if had ever fantasized about the night we spent with Jim and what specific activities might be the subject of his fantasies. He confessed that he often thought of the moment he first tasted Jim's seed from my body.

I told him that I had been in recent contact with Jim. However, I told him that I did not intend to speak with Jim again any time soon. The exception to this, however, would be if my husband took the initiative to call Jim and invite him to our home. This is where I left it. We will see what happens.


Wayne C. Rogers said...

Lady Katherine,
You are so diabolical!!! I know if I was your husband, it would only take me a day to decide to call Jim and invite him back over. I'd also know what the true meaning of this phone would be. I would now be saying to you in an unconscious message that I want you continue cuckolding me and that I will deal with all of the emotions that arise within me. This would now be the start of my cuckolding and there would be no turning back. I had my chance to say no to it, but threw that aside in order to experience the sexual rush of seeing you and another man having sex together and of once again having to clean up after him. And so the journey begins!

oldbear said...

Hi Katherine, yours is a very interesting post. I think the reader's view of it depends on the reader.

I took it as kind of you to let him proceed at his own pace, since you now know he is aroused by it and you want it, and he generally molds himself to acquiesce. I did consider that you may have put him in a dilemma 'tween his need to please you and his possible residual reluctance/aversion to cuckolding.

I do not know anything about him except what your descriptions imply. That he is hopelessly smitten by you, and thoughful of your desires. He was stunninngly selfless in his devotions and preparations to make your first time special. I think in the long run he wants this for you, and that his arousal is as much for pleasing you as from any desire to be diminished himself. He may do it much quicker than he othewise would just to please you.

I beg to differ with Wayne's analysis in that I dont think hubby can really hold out forever at this point since he so wants to please you out of his tender love and devotion to you. I agree with the maestro that he is thrilled and aroused by it, especially the cleanup!. However I do not think that is his primary motive.

Put differently, he will do whatever takes to make you happiest sexually , but I guess he does not really want to be shunted out of primacy or intimacy with you, especially as regards the non-sexual parts of your life. But in the end he will eventually do as wish.

You are lucky to have such a selfless adoring slave, and he is lucky to have such a perceptive and kind Lady to Rule his world, and DEFINE HIS SEXUAL REALITY FOR HIM! PAX to you both.

Just Me said...

Dear Lady Katherine,
You are an exquisite tease, and i mean this in the most adoring, respectful way.
It is my guess that Your husband will be lapping up Jim's cum before the end of March. If we could hold an online contest, 3/18/06 at 10:30 would be my pick.
Thank You for this blog.

Curious George said...


You demonstrated pure genius putting your husband in charge of his continued cuckolding. I love the way you are on this march together. Empowering him says so much, you love him, you respect his feelings, and you want something so important as a relationship with Jim to be a decision arrived at jointly.

It's equally obvious that emotional discomfort aside your hubby loves you and loves being your cuck.

He'll call Jim; whatever angst he feels pales against the sexual rush he gets from being your cuck. His erection and those glazed over eyes show his true feelings.

girlybs said...

Lady Katherine,

Thank you for sharing your cuckold experience. I have very recently discovered your blog and love it. Your hubby is very lucky. My comment for now is that I think you're doing an excellant job with cuckolding. I think envoking some insecurity and jealousy in your cuckold is a necessary element that maximizes the humiliation factor. I think this will increase your power trip intensity while he goes deeper into subspace. Keep up the great job!