Monday, March 20, 2006

An incredible evening continues...

Jim's domineering tone with my husband continued. Had I become uncomfortable with it, I would certainly have acted, but as it was, I was enjoying it. He insisted that my husband strip down and kneel before refilling our wine glasses. Still laying atop Jim, I rolled onto my side and rested my head on one hand. The other hand danced across Jim's chest hairs. I smiled and kept my stare on my husband.

Jim very matter of factly informed my husband that he had already had his way with me. I somewhat whimsically apologized for not waiting until my husband returned. I ran my finger inside of my body and moistened it. I extended it to my husband's mouth and let him taste the warm cocktail that our passion had produced. His eyes closed as his mouth wrapped around my finger.

Jim repositioned me so that I lay flat against his body. I kissed him and raised my hips above his waist. My husband took my cue, and without waiting for permission, moved himself into position behind me. I felt his mouth explore the warmth between my legs as my own mouth was locked onto Jim's. I lowered my hips and I felt Jim's cock hardening against my abdomen. I pushed my body forward slightly so that I could feel his erection and my husband's mouth between my legs at the same time. I then felt my husband put his hand between my legs. He was pushing me open and guiding Jim's cock inside me. I moaned and began a rocking motion.I could feel my husband struggle to keep him mouth between my legs.

This was the wild abandon of inhibitions that when it finally ends, you cannot ever recall -- and certainly cannot articulate -- the experience exactly as it feels at the time.


jeena's toy said...

That was incredible! I found myself wanting to be your husband so badly. I could feel the pleasure and humilation of kneeling and watching you make love to another man then licking your glorious pussy while his cock was inside of you. I am shaking just thinking of it....

jeena's toy said...

I have now read this four times and each time is more intense than the next. I am not in this kind of relationship; but I do carry on one secretly on the side. How incredible would it be to be in a marriage in which this existed! Your husband doesn't know how lucky he is... to be your complete servant, existing only to please and give you pleasure and joy. THAT IS INCREDIBLE

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Lady Katherine,
Well, I think my body temperature has gone up at least twenty degrees since reading this latest posting by you. Talk about an extremely hot and seductive story. There must be hundreds of men out there who would jump at the opportunity to take your husband's place. I think most us want to be your husband and not Jim, which is kind of strange, don't you think?

Haaaaaaa said...

I love your blog. I am not sure I could be as strong as you husband for as long a time ( I think submissives show more control and strength than weakness, but I would like to try it.

girlybs said...

Lady Katherine,

Thanks for sharing Your experience. It's almost too good to be true. Since i am one who likes to see humiliation in action, i particularly enjoyed hearing how Jim ordered Your husband to get a drink. If You haven't told us yet if he did or not, i think it's time that You have Your husband suck Jim's cock to Your command. Furthermore, if You sternly tell him not to spill a drop, the overall scene will be that much more intense.

As a mattter of fact, i'd like to see You scold, reprimand, or punish Your husband in Jim's presence. I see the subtle humiliation Your husband is experiencing, but it would be nice to see it be expressed more explicitly and openly.

oldbear said...

Dear Lady Katherine, once again your words have taken us all to the edge of your special type of haunting and indulgent cuckoldry. You are as much a great writer of erotica as you are a great Lady of feminine power and sexual glory!

Hi girlybs, this is an expose of Lady Katherine's life and marriage. It is focused on the special relationship between her and her husband. It is not a pay site catering to explicit pictures or male-driven cuck fantasies. It is very likely the typical momentum of a FemDom and Cuckold lifestyle will tend to accelerate the sexaul activities between the 3 of them to more extreme forms.

Yet one of the main things that makes this blog compelling for lots of us is the LOVING way this has all evolved, and the way she cherishes and appreciates his devotion to her. It has even made an basically skeptical to anti-cucking person like me a fan of this blog and their style of marriage!

As she noted in the first post, once a cuck always a cuck, she will reveal the details over time. He may have already sucked off Jim. If a person already has forced bi in their life and wants even more of it, there are plenty of other places on the net to find it.

If I were single and messing around with a cuck's wife, I would definitely do things to humiliate him, and if she let me I would apply extreme corporal punishments and genitorment to him as well. I am not necessarily against those atctivites BUT only where they are appropriate and well -considered.

One of the genius things about Lady K, and one of the special things about her husband is tha she requests or Impels him to take each step in his ascension to ultimate slavery, and he LOVINGLY and UNSELFISHLY does what he can to maximize her pleasure and her feelings of royalty/near divinity.

A typical forced bi-scenario is little more than glorified rape or blackmail. It is usually a part of a relationship where the slave is described as DESCENDING into servitude. At least so far this marriage and blog aint about that at all.

Also I doubt that a lady as wise, experienced, and well read as Lady K has not thought of something as common as forced bi or sissyfication on her own already. To be sure, the marriage will evolve based on her desires, which weill be molded by her experiences and her hubby's as they cuck as PART of an LFA life. Life changing things may happen in the heat of the momment during these intense sessions.

But so far the lady has done things her way, almost as if she has some general idea or guidleine fo the path she wants to take.

I mention these things to you because I have not seen your responses here before. If you are alrady a regular snd have read all the posts, I apologize for the presumption, Regards, Oldbear.

Just Me said...

Dear Lady Katherine,
The prediction i made as a comment to Your March 4th posting was in error. It would have been spot on if Your sweet cuck/hubby could have waited just another hour. But who among us appreciative readers can fault his eagerness to express his devotion by licking Jim's cum from between Your thighs. I would in a heartbeat, were i not already the property of another.

girlybs said...

Hi Oldbear,

Please forgive me for causing a misunderstanding regarding my previous comment. I agree with you that Lady Katherine and her husband share a special relationship. I do not intend to steer the discussion in the direction of pay-site cuck fantasies. Yes, I am new to this site, but I have read the entire blog to catch up on the history of events.

I guess I got caught up in the excitement of what transpired that led me to jump to the next step. This happened due to the anticipation of the details that Lady Katherine will reveal over time. I too had never been a big fan of cuckolding until recently. Now I appreciate how intense it can be. Given a choice I would rather be a devoted cuck instead of an alpha bull. Although the humiliation during the actual event may be difficult for the cuck to take, the benefit to the wife and their loving relationship is well worth it in spades. I totally agree with you about ascension to ultimate slavery.

Yes, Lady K is very wise and I'm sure she knows the right path to take. I do like this blog very much and if I make a suggestion it's because of the incomprehensible intensity of events.


oldbear said...

Hi girlybs, no grind, I just was not sure you really were aware of how special their relationship is, and how kind and nuturing she is to her devoted slave.

As you pointed out, they do have aspecial loving relationship. As witnessed by the newest post after this one.