Sunday, March 19, 2006

Once a cuckold...

As is my custom, I will extend the details over several posts. It begins here.

My dearest husband obsesses over my physical pleasure and the solace that he finds in his unconditional surrender to me. Whatever uncomfortable moments he had in the days and weeks that followed his initial cuckolding experience seem to have been forgotten in the grip of his insatiable desire to repeat his ultimate act of submission.

My husband had prepared a wonderful meal for us. However, being sensitive to the awkwardness of his presence, he left his wife and lover to enjoy the meal without him. This was at around 7:30 in the evening. He promised to return by 9:30, and bowed gracefully to both of us as he headed out the door. I certainly had every intention of waiting until my husband returned before initiating any intimacy with Jim. It was only a combination of the wine and Jim's warm breath on the back of my neck as he kissed me and played with hair that changed my plans. When my husband returned, as promised at 9:30, I was laying on the couch wearing only my special necklace, quite passionately ravaged, and stretched listlessly across the length of Jim's own naked body.

Jim surprised me by calling for my husband to bring us more wine. Jim's submissive curiousity, to which he had hinted in his email, did not seem so easily exploited as that of my husband's. I placed my hands between my legs. I could feel Jim's seed already leaking onto my thighs. I knew, however, that most of it was still inside me. I could feel Jim's cock start to harden again beneath me. Apparently he too was enjoying the presence of such precise power exchange.


michael374 said...

so beautiful Ma'am! i think its wonderful for all of you :)

Curious George said...

First, I love your writing style as it's reminiscent of a Harlequin novel, but the theme is quite adult.

Second, I am really looking forward to subsequent posts.

Third, my own queen has been occupied with her boyfriend. To keep me focused and to show my dedication she rations my releases and it's been a long 7 days since my last one.

Making it all the more difficult is she saw him today and decided on a spur of the moment lunch culminating in her riding his cock for a quickie. I've been out with our kids knowing she was with him. We returned and our youngest wanted to call and tell her what she had bought. I dissuaded her telling her she was busy and couldn't be disturbed.

My wife returned a quarter of an hour later in a very excited state. She whispered to me that her lunch date was wonderful as was the love they made afterwards. She wanted me to take her upstairs and to worship her. When I told her it wasn't going to happen in the time she had at home, she smiled, put her hand down the front of her pants, brought it back up and asked me to smell then to lick clean her very damp finger.

I inhaled immediately recognizing the smell of cum and yes I did lick her finger clean.

She asked me to walk her to the car and as we kissed goodbye she whispered that her cuck was going to get a very nice treat for being so good.