Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No Meaningful Update

I am writing this post just to keep everyone on top of the situation relative to my husband's currently open invitation to call Jim.

He has not said anything else about since I first mentioned it to him. We have spent the last few evenings just enjoying each others company. We have played tennis, watched a movie with some friends, and lived a decidedly uneventful life. If not for my evening massages, there would be nothing out of the ordinary about our time together.


worldwatcher said...

Hello I have been reading your entire blog the last couple of days as I found thru other Female Authority sites that were given to me by my best-friend who just outed himself to me as a sub and that this was how he and his wife had been were going to live their lives from now on. All names have been changed.

He introuced the idea to her and she went running with it.

They both decided to tell the one person they are closest with about their decsion. He told me as we have been not only friends but pretty much brothers for the past 10 years and she told her best friend of 15 years.

I was invited to a very nice dinner and when I got there I noticed something was up. He open the door for me and he took my coat while she sat there and just looked on and then he ran into the kitchen to finish cooking the meal he made.

I did not think dude knew where the kitchen even was.

Then after her friend Becca got there he repeated the same behavior that he showed me in running from the kitchen opening the door and taking her coat a while Lisa(wife)just sat on the couch drinking wine.

Then we sat at the table and he served us our dinner as Lisa just said good work and that he could now go get himself a plate and sit down to eat.

After dinner we sat around the living room talking the girls drinking wine and myself drinking a jack and coke and I noticed that when the drinks got to be almost out he would refill them almost as if he didn't he would be in trouble. It was then when I asked what was going on and they told us how they had been living their lives for the past year and how they are going to continue living them.

They wanted to tell us as we all spend a lot of time together and they were sick of hiding this "amazing part of their lives" looking back I should have known somwething was up as they went from a very bickering couple who broke up many times when they were dating to a happy couple with no arguments at all.

However I did not think it was this type of lifstyle that helped them. When they asked us how we felt Becca answered that she wanted a man like Tom and then looked in my direction and asked if I was like Tom .

Then they all looked to me for my feedback. I think they were more worried about me cause my entire life the one thing I have been taught and the one thing I never stop believing was equality. I spent my entire college career writing about and I frown when I don't see it whether it be one gender thinking they are better than someone else or a race thinking they are better than the other or even classes of people thinking they are better.

However to me equality is a freedom we should all have and as with all freedoms you have the choice to give it up. And if giving it up makes you a happier person then I say go for it. You only go around once in this world and if you dont do it with a smile then you are doing yourself a great injustice.

Once I let my feelings known we all had a good night.

While this lifestyle is not for me it has done wonders for two pwoplw I care about and I would like to thank you Katherine for giving me a small insight into how this life is lived so I can better understand my friend and his choice to live this type of life. You and your husband seem very happy and I wish you nothing but more happiness in your lives together.

oldbear said...

Hi Watcher, just remeber this blog right now is in period of cuckolding. This is one of if not the most extreme part of the femdon or femsupreme or LFA lifestyle.

Perhaps check out Elise Suttons website for more info, also Caring Domination.

Cucking, and the extreme feelings it may develop, represent the awesome power potential when a male surrenders to female authority authority.

It is something to work up to if at all. FWIW, OB.

oldbear said...

Hi Lady K, the fact that you guys can live as a "nothing unusual" couple, with the enhancements of Female body worship for intimacy and deference to LFA to make domestic life serene is a part of what makes you guys awesome!

Thanks for the update...I guess it is easier this way than having us worry-warts pester you with emails. :-)

Curious George said...

I really enjoyed your last two postings as it's refreshing to note we're not the only ones whose lives are a lot of vanilla with occassional samples of chocolate.
Your husband will pick up the phone; his submissive side will win out, but expect him to be nervous and to need reassurance. Jim's presence in your lives will alter your marriage.
What remains to be seen are Jim's intentions and your desires. Do you really want two submissive men or a dominant man as your lover and boyfriend and a submissive man as your husband and cuck?
I predict your husband hopes that Jim will join you in dominating him. That had to be one hot night when Jim looked your husband in the eye and said he was going to fuck you followed by your cuck cleaning you of his seed.

Again, thanks.