Friday, February 08, 2008

Sixth Installment

Suzanne greeted me at the door that day. She was “dressed for play” as she would say, wearing a vinyl corset, garters and fishnet hose. She wore long gloves that covered her forearms and laced up over her elbows. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore gothic make-up with blackish lipstick, heavy eyeliner, and a pale, unnatural skin tone. She greeted me with a long, deep kiss. She had never kissed me before.

“Oh, Jay,” she said, her face almost touching mine, her lips still exploring my mouth. “This is such a special day for you. Your cuckolding begins. What a wonderful journey this has been for you. I promised I would really take control of you, and it is happening just like I planned, just like you wanted.” She grabbed a fistful of hair on the top of my head and pushed me down to my knees. She put both hands on the back of my head and pulled me to her pussy. I kissed the soft, exposed lips that I had grown to accept as the epicenter of my life. My tongue searched for her clit and stroked it softly and rhythmically as she had taught me.

Ryan walked into the foyer, completely naked and stood revealing his perfect body to me. Suzanne pulled herself away from me and embraced her lover. His cock stiffened in response. “We’ll own you both, my pet,” she said. “It will be wonderful.”

Ryan stared at me silently. “Get him ready,” he said to Suzanne. She pulled me upright by my hair and led me into her chambers. I was again made to strip and take my position in front of the monitors. This time I was bound and a ball gag was put in my mouth. I was left alone with my thoughts for a full forty minutes before Kay arrived at the door and Suzanne slipped back in with me to await the events that were about to unfold.

Kay looked gorgeous in another one of her new workout outfits. There definitely seemed to be a chemistry in the air as she and Ryan went through the motions of the workout session. Smiles lingered a little longer than was natural. There was a closeness that was more than I had seen even the previous week.

“We thought about actually getting you into the room with them when they first fuck, but we couldn’t get comfortable with the idea,” explained Suzanne. “We thought maybe we could put you in a chest and put the chest under the massage table. Or maybe we could have put you in the closet. We were just afraid that you would sneeze or something and give it all away. Also, we figured it would be better to actually watch it rather than just hear it.”

My ball gag prevented me from answering, but I nodded in general agreement.

“Did you notice that we moved the massage table just a bit? We didn’t want to move the cameras because they are already so well hidden, so we just turned the table a bit. This will let him look right over Kay’s head and into the camera. You’ll be able to make virtual eye contact with him while he’s slipping his cock in your wife.”

I nodded to acknowledge that I understood.

“Oh, and we’ve put a microphone in the kitchen. We didn’t have time to get another camera set up, but the microphone is all set. You’ll get to hear the two of them chatting each other up over their after sex coffee.”

An hour had not passed, but Ryan called the workout session to a halt and sent Kay off to the showers. This time I remained in Suzanne’s chambers while Ryan waited for Kay in the workout room. Suzanne briefly left the room leaving me alone, but returned long before the water in Kay’s shower stopped running. As she had before, she set a chair next to me so we could watch the massage on the monitors.

Kay returned from the showers and stepped into view on the monitors. While it was impossible for me to tell, it seemed that she might have deliberately revealed her naked body to Ryan as she took her position on the table. Ryan helped her with the towel that covered her as she lay down and stretched out to await his massage. The towell seemed smaller than in past weeks, covering her from just barely below her ass to a little more than midway up her back.

He started by rubbing her head, making little circles against her scalp and temples with his outstretched hand, and drawling out her long, dark hair very slowly so that it fell against the top of her shoulders. Then he moved to the side of the table and placed both of his hands on her shoulder, using a firm grip to relieve the tension in her neck. He pulled her hair to one side, then leaned in and put his lips against her neck for just a moment, lifting himself upright immediately afterwards. Kay responded with an audible exhale and a feline stretch of her spine that did nothing to discourage his advance into uncharted territory. Encouraged, he placed another kiss where her shoulder slopes up to her neck. Her eyes remained closed and her lips parted, softening her features in the dim light.

Suzanne lifted one leg onto my shoulder, exposing her pussy to my peripheral vision. She placed a gloved finger against her clit and started to stimulate herself. “He’s such a sensual lover,” she calmly remarked. “You could never please your wife the way that he will.”

Suzanne remained in my periphery as my eyes were fixed to the monitors. Ryan was now confident that doors were opening for him. He moved behind Kay and started rubbing lotion into her feet and calves, lifting her lower legs and bending them at the knees as he had before. This time, as he placed her calves back down against the table, he pushed them each apart slightly, so that her legs now trailed back in a v-shape and not the perfect parallel lines with which she had started the massage.

With the patience of a practiced master, he massaged her lower thighs and paid a brief respect to the boundary of the towel’s edge. Then he peeled back the towel, not from the bottom, but from the top, so that only her ass was covered. He heavily lotioned his left hand, and used this to rub broad circles on her back. High right hand positioned itself at the very top of Kay’s thighs and remained motionless as he allowed her breathing to become deep and regular. Then, with his left hand still in motion, his right hand moved under the towel and towards my wife’s pussy.

With a gentle moan she betrayed me. Ryan’s right hand was under the towel, and he was feeling the warmth of the moistening treasure which would now be his. Kay pushed her legs apart slightly to receive his advances. He leaned down to place his kiss against the top of her cheek. She turned her neck to receive his mouth with her own. Their lips barely touched. She turned her body and leaned up on her elbow, and they connected again, this time letting the kiss linger as their tongues explored each other and inhibitions dissolved.

Kay positioned herself in a sitting position on the edge of the table and Ryan lifted his shirt off his body. He revealed his smooth, chiseled chest and Kay buried her head in his masculine upper body. Then she arched her spine and threw her head back, inviting Ryan’s mouth to move hungrily towards her neck. Kay’s neck is an intense source of sexual stimulation for her, and Ryan discovered this as Kay moaned and relaxed her body in surrender.

He guided her back so that it was again flat on the table. Her legs were bent at the knees and opened in whorish anticipation of what was to come next. He stepped himself quickly out of his workout pants and stood naked with his erection growing before her eyes. He placed his hand back between her legs and moved his cock close enough to Kay’s face that she could, with a an awkward and hungry stretch, put her mouth on its head. His cock was magnificent, being hard and thick with the well-trimmed tuft of strawberry blonde hair at its base a stark contrast to my own.

Separated by only one sheetrock wall, my eyes were affixed to the monitors. Suzanne climbed off of her chair and knelt behind me, pressing her body against mine and resting her head on my shoulder. I felt her breath on my neck as she reached around to put her hand on my own rock hard cock. “She’s not going to have much use for this, is she?”

I shook my head.

“But as she grows from being Ryan’s lover to being his pet… our pet, she’s going to know that same sweet feeling of submission that you do, Jay. And she’s going to have you to thank for it. She’ll love you even more for knowing that you delivered her into our arms.”

My attention shifted suddenly away from Suzanne and back to the monitors. Kay was lustfully sucking at Ryan’s cock. Ryan kept himself carefully positioned so that the cameras provided a profile view of Kay taking him deep into her throat while he held her firmly by the back of her head. She seemed very much like she was trying to impress him.

After having had enough of her oral pleasures, he pushed back her head so that his cock slipped out of her mouth. She tried to lunge forward to continue the worshipful attention, but he held her head back and then pushed it further back so that it went down and rested on the table. He then lifted her left leg and swung it high up onto his shoulder, while grabbing her right ankle in his hand. He leaned forward, resting the length of his shaft against but not inside of her pussy. He kissed her forehead. Then he put her upper lip between his teeth… slightly biting and tugging. Her hands were wrapped around the back of his neck.

Then, with a look of purpose and resolve, Ryan stared directly into the camera above Kay’s head and in so doing, directly into my eyes and right through the darkest part of my soul. Kay’s head was thrown back and her eyes closed. Her breasts were thrust high and her back arched in anticipation. Ryan grabbed the base of his cock with his right hand and rested it on the precipice of Kay’s soaked pussy lips. It seemed that in a moment he would seal her own private spiral into submission with a thrust of his hips.

The thrust did not come. He could wait while she could not. Instead, Ryan’s cock remained motionless as Kay’s own body rose and pushed towards him to engulf his cock. Her mouth opened into a circle, her upper lip quivered, and her hips slouched forward to surround Ryan in an instant. Time stood still and she felt the pulse of another man’s heart inside of her body.


SlaveJohnL said...

Wow- total submission. I have fantasized about it often, but never acted. I thought Kay would have put up a little more resistance and we would be carried forward another chapter with Jay encouraging her to take the he truly is a cuckold

slave said...

He is not quite a cuckold. Sexiest story I have ever read. When he finally fills her with his seed and the husband watches it run down her thigh. I can't wait!!!
Kay will be so desparate for her skillful lover and will start to do anything to get more. I am getting excited just anticipating the next part. Is Kay going to wear thin a thin silk blouse with no bra?

leopold said...

The cuckold status is inevitable. It's already in his head. I'm really enjoying this, partly because it's not just a couple or triad involved. Having four people playing this hottest of games is fantastically stimulating and exciting. I keep playing little scenarios out in my head at passionate moments. OMG. I like the dynamic between Suzanne and Jay and the sense that she and Ryan have been so calculating, so certain of what they want and their ability to get it - and their equal certainty that their quarry will love it, no matter how humiliating it is, how sordid it sounds - it's deeply, exquisitely delicious from so many angles. There are bisexual and D/s dynamics between Jay and Ryan, Suzanne and Kay, and the complexity of what's to happen between Kay and Jay once they share knowledge of what's happened(ing) to them, and the dominance of Suzanne and Ryan together, the uber-lovers playing with Jay and Kay like marionettes. Hot is an understatement. This should be a novel or, even better, a movie played by good actors on a good budget, etc. As it is, this movie plays in my mental cineplex nightly and feeds my naughty dreams. Thank you!!!!

Susan's Pet said...

Well done! Very erotic.