Thursday, February 21, 2008

9th Installment

We met all met at a Latin club where they serve dinner around the perimeter of a large dance floor. This was in an odd part of town, and I bet that we were one of the few couples in the club that were not speaking Spanish that evening. There was certainly nobody there that we knew.

Of course I pretended that I had never met Suzanne, and that I had only briefly met Ryan when I had bought the gift certificate. There was dinner, and then dancing, and a polite request from Ryan to bring Kay onto the dance floor. There was wine, and there were awkward but scripted moments, and soon we were back at Suzanne and Ryan’s home with even more wine.

If I omit details, it is as much because I feel that they are not important as it is that I do not remember them. I do remember thinking that it was clearly scripted on Kay’s part when we were alone for a moment in their living room and she asked me if I minded her dancing with Ryan. “No,” I told her, giving her my own scripted responses, “actually, it really turned me on.”

This comment lit a fire under my wife. She kissed me like we were newlyweds again. When Suzanne and Ryan returned to the room, I got up to use the restroom. When I came back, the three of them were sitting together on the couch giggling like school kids. “So, Jay,” called Ryan when I stepped into the room, “it turned you on when I was dancing with your wife?” Kay slapped at Ryan’s chest teasingly. She looked at me as if to apologize with her eyes. “Why,” he asked. “Why does it possibly turn you on?”

This was not scripted, but it was my moment nonetheless. “I’ve always had a fantasy of watching Kay with another man,” I said. Kay’s jaw dropped. I stood there silent and exposed.

“What do you mean,” asked Ryan. “You’ve fantasized about watching another man dance with your wife… kiss her… fuck her?” I stood silent and motionless. “Because if Kay is game, I’d be up for it. Kay… would you like to kiss me?”

“Go ahead,” said Suzanne, “It turns me on too.” Kay smiled, but did not move. She looked to me for my response.

“It’s ok, honey. If you want to….” She closed her eyes and moved her parted lips to Ryan’s mouth. There was a moment, a gentle coming together of these two lovers, and then stillness and silence.

“Stand,” commanded Ryan. I watched Kay react to his words. She stood, compelled to obey him. “Undress.” Kay looked back at me, not for approval, but only to gauge my reaction. It was a forced, half smile. It was not that I was upset… I was drifting into sub-space. She lifted her shirt over head, not bothering to undo the buttons. She stepped out of her shoes. She let her skirt fall and stepped out of it as well. She stood, her back to me, wearing black lace panties, garters and sheer stockings. I had not seen her wear garters in ten years.

“Take off the panties, but leave the garters on,” commanded Ryan.

“You want to watch me fuck your wife?” Ryan’s eyes met mine, but Kay’s remained with her back to me.

“Yes,” I answered.

Ryan stood and undid the buttons on his shirt, one by one. He pulled his shoes off, removed his socks, and stood bare-chested in front of Kay. “Kneel down,” he told her. She obeyed and buried her face in his hard stomach, unable to wait to connect with his flesh. “You, kneel also.” He spoke to me as if my submission was a given. It was; I knelt.

Kay moved to undo Ryan’s belt, and was soon helping him step out of his pants. Had I not already known what was happening, Kay would have betrayed the ruse as she started to kiss his cock with a practiced familiararity. Suzanne took a position behind me, and started unbuttoning my own shirt. Soon I was naked, all fours on the floor, staring at my wife deep-throating another man. “You love this cock, don’t you, dear?" said Ryan as he stroked her hair. "You’ll do anything I ask of you.”

I hadn’t noticed that Suzanne had left the room, but she stepped back into it dressed only in a vinyl corset and a strap-on. In a latex-gloved hand she held a bottle of lubrication, and in her other hand she held a collar and leash. I lifted my neck to accept my collar, and then I felt her working my asshole with her finger and gloved hand. The dildo on her strap-on was small, much smaller than what I had learned to take over the course of my time with her.

Suzanne was now positioned behind me, barely on the verge of entering me while she tugged on the leash just enough to keep my head up. Ryan took this as his cue. He positioned Kay on all fours facing me, my feminine mirror image. As she had her back to me up until now, this was the first she saw of what I had become for Suzanne, and her eyes opened wide… her surprise dissolving into a wicked smile. In Ryan’s hands appeared a collar and leash of his own. He held it out in front of Kay to see it. "Are you ready for this he asked?" She nodded in affirmative with her eyes still locked on me. She took it from him, fumbling with it as her hands shook while putting it on her own neck.

“Crawl forward,” ordered Suzanne. “Close enough to kiss your wife, but don’t touch her yet.”

Ryan looked at Suzanne and nodded his head. Instantly I felt her vinyl dildo push inside of me. At the same moment, I saw Kay’s mouth widen, her eyes shut, and I saw Ryan’s neck tighten. He was inside of her, fucking my wife like his whore. “Kiss each other,” commanded Ryan. “You belong to us now, the games are all behind us.”

Our leashes were kept tight enough to remind us of our positions as my wife and I kissed each other with a new passion and abandon. I could feel Ryan’s thrusts into Kay like the reverberations of a bass drum, and Suzanne matched them beat for beat with her own strokes into me. “Is this what you want,” I whispered to Kay.

“More than anything,” she answered. It was over.

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John said...

Very,very erotic. Its hard to give reasoned comments when you are in the 'state' that this story takes you to.
Thank You Ms Katharine.