Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fifth Installment

Emily Addison did not publish my letter to Around Her Finger. She did publish one that barely touched on cuckolding, and her answer left me wondering how she really feels about the practice.

Fifth installment follows:


I came home from work that night a little early, but Kay was nowhere to be seen. There was a note asking me to put a frozen gourmet pizza into the oven. About the time the pizza was finished Kay came walking in the door with an armful of shopping bags.

“Hey, honey,” I greeted her. “How was your day?”

“Great,” she said and kissed me on the cheek.

“So I think you were having your personal trainer session today? How did that go?”
“It went good,” she said, not elaborating much.

“What was this guy like? Did he work you hard?”

“He was sort of the typical trainer. Pretty good shape, young… kind of cute, didn’t push me too hard, not really.”

“Ok, that’s good… I guess. What you got in the bags? Did you do a little shopping today?”

“Oh, just some workout clothes. Most of what I have is getting sort of old.”

She carried the bags into the bedroom with her and brought them directly to the closet. It was only later that evening, when she went back out to run an errand, that I was able to peek inside the bags and see what she had bought. Her new clothes were decidedly less conservative than her old. Three of the new outfits looked more like a bathing suit than a workout suit. They were very tight, spandex short-shorts each with a small matching top. One was red, one black, and the other a sort of khaki with dark brown trim. She also had a new full length outfit, and a looser fitting warm-up suit. I put the bags back and went into the living room to watch television. She returned from her errand, but I said nothing about her new clothes.

That night, Kay fucked my brains out.


I arrived at Suzanne and Ryan’s house again the next week, parking the car in the garage and coming into Suzanne’s chambers to take my place in front of the monitors. The headphones were put on my ears and I was shackled as I had been the prior week. Suzanne, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, pulled up a chair beside me and teasingly played with my hair as we watched together.

When Kay walked into the view of the cameras she was wearing one of the new outfits she had just purchased. She looked amazing, and Ryan complimented her on her appearance. Kay let out that the outfit was new, and I was sure that Ryan took this as an indication of her attraction to him. I admit that he was probably right.

“Do you think your wife has ever had a pussy in her mouth?” asked Suzanne.

“No,” I answered quite certain that I was correct.

“I’d love to get her between my legs,” she said casually, as if talking to herself.

Early in the workout, Ryan had Kay lying on her back on a bench that Ryan had placed in the view of the camera focused on the universal machine. He stood straddling her above the bench as she lifted weights to do repetitions of butterflies one after the other. It was such a position of dominance that he took over her that I was certain it was done as much for my benefit as for his own efforts at seduction. Kay lay beneath him, her chest heaving with the effort and her legs slightly parted on either side of the bench. He touched her shoulder to gently spot her.

“Good job,” I heard him remark. “You’re going to become my best client.” Kay laughed.

When the workout was over, Ryan asked what she wanted to do about the massage.

“Well, maybe I could shower first. I have clothes to change into afterwards,” she said pointing to her bag.

“Perfect,” said Ryan. “The bathroom is right down that hallway. There’s towels in there, just wrap yourself up and come back to the table.”

I could see Kay and Ryan both leaving the room on the cameras. Kay must have gone into the bathroom because I could hear the shower turn on, but Ryan came into Suzanne’s chambers with a wild grin on his face. “Fuck,” he exclaimed, “did you see what she was wearing?” He walked over to me and began unshackling my wrists and legs. Then he stood in front of me and pulled down his pants to reveal the cock with which I had become so familiar. “I don’t have time for a blowjob from you, but why don’t you just kiss the tip to remind you who the real man is around here.” I put my lips on the head of his cock and he put his hand on the top of my head. Suzanne leaned over my back and kissed him. “There you go, cuck… now get up. I want you to go into the room and light these candles and flip on the CD player.”

I hadn’t noticed, but Suzanne was holding several small votive candles and a book of matches. She handed these to me, and I scurried, naked and nervous, out of the chamber and into the workout room. Brad followed behind me and hit the lights, making the flame from the match in my shaking hands the only light in the room. I lit the three candles, and as I was setting down the third, I heard the water stop running in the shower. I started scurrying out of the room, but Ryan stopped me and pointed silently to the CD player. I turned it on, but there was no CD. At this point I was so nervous I thought my heart would beat right out of my chest. Ryan walked over and slowly selected a CD. “Put it in,” he whispered in my ear. I did, and hit the button. It was a mellow new age CD that he had selected. “Now, go,” he whispered into my ear. I tiptoed quickly out of the room and returned to Suzanne awaiting me in her chambers only seconds before I heard the bathroom door open.

I watched from the monitors as Kay stepped back into the workout room her hair wet and wearing only a towel. “Make yourself comfortable,” said Ryan. “I’ll be right back.” He stepped out and closed the door. Kay let the towel drop, revealing her perfect, naked body as she mounted the massage table. Once she was lying down, she covered herself with her towel brought her arms up to her side to wait on Ryan.

Ryan walked into the room and positioned himself at the head of the massage table. He cradled Kay’s head in his hands and placed it face down into the round “head stirrup” of the sort built into most professional tables. His fingers massaged her scalp for at least five minutes. Then he moved himself to the back of the table, and began to rub lotion into Kay’s right food, lifting her foot as and bending up the lower part of her leg at the knee. This uncovered the top of her calf from the towel, and he worked his hands up to rub this as well.

Suzanne had again taken her seat next to me so that we were both there watching together on the monitors. She put her arm around my shoulders and pulled my head to wrest lovingly on the soft denim of her lap. She played with my hair like Ryan had played with Kay’s. “Wouldn’t it be great,” she whispered, “If we could own her the way we own you? I know Ryan would love to fuck her, but I’d love to have her eating my pussy. I’d love to have you both eating my pussy.”

I said nothing, but continued to watch the monitors. Ryan had now moved to the other calf, and was working it with the same attention that he did the first. Then he lowered her foot back to the table and pushed up the towel covering that same leg. He pushed it up about as far as he could without making it completely obvious that he wanted to touch more than just her thigh. While it was hard to tell on the monitors, I’m sure that he could see the edges of her untrimmed bush. She didn’t flinch. He traced his fingers along the valley between her ass and thigh and seemed to look to the camera to smile as he did so.

Next, instead of moving to the other leg to do the same, he went to her arm, then her other arm, before working his way around to repeat the upper leg massage on the opposite side. Suzanne noticed how hard my cock became when Ryan’s fingers moved into such close proximity to Kay’s pussy, and she reached down to acknowledge it with a firm grasp of her own dainty hands. “Looks like it’s quite a turn-on for you to see your wife seduced like this,” she said smiling. “Ryan is such a wonderful lover, she’ll be lucky when she finally surrenders to him.”

Ryan next moved to her shoulders, folding the towel back only inches and spending at least five minutes on just the top of her back and neck. He then pushed the towel all the way down her body, revealing a full inch of the top of her ass crack. The profiles of her bare breasts were completely visible to him. He generously covered his own hands with lotion and rubbed long, strong strokes which began under the towel and pulled all the way up the length of her spine. In bending over her body, his crotch rested against the top of her head. I could not help but wonder if he was hard or not.

I admit that I was shocked. I was shocked that she was so brazen in her willingness to let him massage her nude and barely covered body. But my real shock was reserved for my own reaction. I felt more and more turned on by the idea of Ryan fucking Kay. I wanted to be cuckolded on some primal level that went against everything I held dear. I felt as though I was spinning, spinning helplessly out of control.

At the end of this second massage, Ryan covered Kay with the towel and asked her how it felt. She lifted her head as if out of a deep sleep, running her hands through her long sexy hair and said nothing but the word ‘amazing’. Ryan stood in front of the table and I was almost certain that Kay, now up and resting on her elbows, was revealing her exposed nipples to him. It was hard to tell from the monitors.

“Why don’t you get dressed and we’ll have some coffee?” asked Ryan.

“Sounds great,” answered Kay. And with that Ryan left and Kay, once dressed, soon followed. They went into the kitchen and drank coffee and talked for an hour.

Suzanne remained in the chambers with me, passing time by having me rub her feet, go down on her, and when the urge hit her, give me another fucking with the strap-on. Shortly afterwards, I heard Kay leaving through the front door and her car pull out the driveway.

Ryan walked in as Suzanne had finished having her way with me. “Well, at least there was one good fucking going on in the house,” said Ryan. “But I’ll tell you what, Jay-boy, I’m more confident than ever that I’m going to poke that wife of yours. She’s a sweetheart. She’s more than just a tight ass and a warm pussy, she’s really a sweetheart. It’s going to be extra special making her my little bitch.”

I cleaned myself up, got dressed and headed out the door for work. When I got home that night Kay was lying on the couch watching TV, dinner was nowhere in sight. “Hey, honey,” I said. “How was your day?”

“Oh, pretty good, she answered. I didn’t make any dinner, I figured we could just go out.”

“Sure thing,” I said.

That night we went to dinner, and when we got home, she fucked my brains out, just as she had after her last personal training session. This time, however, I noticed that something had changed. For the first time since I had met, never mind married my wife, she had trimmed her pussy. Although I had encouraged her to trim and even shave her pussy in the past, she had never done it. She insisted it would make her itch. Now, her pussy was reduced down to a small, neatly trimmed patch, the remaining area having apparently been waxed.

“What’s the deal with this,” I said, rubbing my hand against her pussy.

“You like it?” she asked.

“I LOVE it,” I said. “What inspired you?”

“Just a wild, random thought. I’m glad you like it.”

I did love it, but I knew that it was Ryan’s massage that had moved her to the decision. Random images of Ryan’s hands moving ever so close to Kay’s pussy occupied my mind. Even after fucking Kay, my cock was soon hard with these thoughts which chased me into my dreams and remained there for the rest of the week.


The next week’s workout, now the third, went much as it did the week before, except it was clear that Kay was becoming more comfortable with Ryan. The two laughed and joked more, and the chemistry between them was very obvious. When Kay retreated to the shower to get ready for the massage, Ryan rushed in to again grab me to go light the candles and ready the music. This time I was comfortably back in Suzanne’s chambers, kneeling before the monitors with her in the seat next to me, before the water even stopped running.

Again I was feeling the intense emotional confusion of jealousy and submissive lust as Ryan’s hands wandered – and lingered – so close to Kay’s pussy. She lay motionless but seemingly pleased with the way he delicately teased her with his fingers. “Imagine,” whispered Suzanne, “when you can finally taste her pussy on his cock.” I cradled my head in her lap to acknowledge my submission and to let her know, silently, that she was right. I felt the familiar stroke of her fingers in my hair and knew that she sensed my surrender.

The massage ended without event, and the two of them retreated to the kitchen for another chat over coffee. After Kay had left, Ryan returned to Suzanne’s chambers enthusiastic and upbeat. “Man, it’s happening. It is really happening! She asked me if I had a girlfriend. I asked her about her marriage. She said it was – and these are her words - ‘ok, but dull’. She said you cared a hell of a lot more about work than you did spending time with her. She is definitely giving me the buy signs.”

I bowed my head in abject surrender. He was right; his plan to seduce my wife was working.

“I’m going to need your help this week… ok, cucky-boy? I want you to be distant, and cold, and ignore her all week… and don’t you dare fuck her. Got it? The next cock in her pussy is going to be mine. Now get dressed and get out of here. We’ll see you next week, same time.”

I left and went to work. When I got home that night, I didn’t really have to try to be stand-offish with Kay, she led by example. We hardly said a word to each other that night or all week for that matter. This beautiful woman that I loved dearly was so enamored by Ryan, that she wanted nothing to do with me. This wasn’t turning me on, however, the way watching the monitors did, this was causing me a deep emotional pain devoid of any sexual feelings that made me want to crawl up in a ball and hide in a corner.

Midway through the week, I got a text from Suzanne asking me to call her. I hollered to Kay that I was going out to the grocery store and to ask if she needed anything. “Nope” was her one word reply. I got in my car and pulled out of the driveway. I dialed Suzanne’s number and respectfully greeted her when she answered.

“Hello, Jay. How are you?”

“I’m fine, Ma’am.”

“Jay, I know this is a tough week. I’m calling to check on you. I know how your submission to Ryan and me has filled a void in you. You wanted to feel completely owned and controlled, and now you do. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“And when Ryan starts fucking Kay, it’s going to take it to a whole new level. I promise. You are going to love it. It may be painful at first, but you will grow into your new role as our cuckold. You will love it. Now hold the line, I want you to talk to Ryan.”

She handed the phone to Ryan as his voice was the next thing that I heard. “Hello, Jay-boy. How are you getting along with Kay this week? You’re keeping your cock out of that pussy aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And you’ve been cold… distant?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. She’s not on the rag or anything like that, is she?”

“No, I’m sure that she is not. You’ve got at least a couple weeks before you have to worry about that.”

“Great. Well in that case, I think I’m ready to fuck her. This has been a lot easier than I thought it would, but I think she wants me. What do you think?”

“I agree, Sir.”

“I guess she’s more of a slut than we figured.”

“If you say so, Sir.”

“That’s what I say, cuck. Now understand that the first couple times that I fuck her, it will be pretty old school. I mean, it will be better than anything she’s gotten at home, but don’t expect to be in the room watching with her tongue up Suzanne’s ass. It will be pretty vanilla sex. But don’t worry, we’ll work her up after a few weeks. We’ll make a real whore out of her. I guarantee it.”

With that he hung up the phone. We wouldn’t talk again until I showed up the morning of Kay’s appointment.

(more soon)


tim said...

And I thought that you were the toe-suckee.....

Susan's Pet said...

It is a hot story, but sad in a way. If he loves his wife, why become alienated from her or ignore her in the first place? Why get into a potentially dangerous and destructive relationship with people who simply take advantage of him?

Still, for fantasy, it is realistic enough to make a good story. Please continue.

kraftty said...

i love the story pleasd ehurry with part 6 and beyond!! thanks fro the great reading!! kraftty