Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eighth Installment

I'd love to finish this story in Elise Sutton's Pre-Dominant newsletter... thoughts?


After I left Ryan and Suzanne, I did not even go back to my office. I went straight to the airport where I would have to catch a flight that would have me out of town for the entire week. On the ride to the airport, I was trying to make sense of what was happening to me. There was no doubt that I was pursuing behavior that gave me a powerful sense of macabre satisfaction, something that filled a need and satisfied a craving that to anyone else would seem completely irrational. It seemed that in pursuing this need I was sacrificing everything that had ever mattered to me in my life.

The only term that came to my mind for this irrational behavior on my part was addiction. Cuckolding was my heroin, my junk, the thing that occupied my thoughts and moved me towards what seemed like a life very different than the comfortable one that I had lived up to now. I was trading it all for the overwhelming sense of indisputable and perfect knowledge that my submission was complete. I would be balled up in a corner, my mind warmed by submission but my soul cold and shaking from what I had sacrificed.

I called Kay that evening, just to check in, realizing that she had no idea that I had witnessed her affair with Ryan. She was a little cold and distant, and indicated that her day was uneventful. I told her I loved her and let her know I was missing her already. There was a pause before she told me she loved me as well. Her tone was very convincing. I thought maybe I could stop everything in its tracks if I just acted quickly to reconnect with her.

Little did I know that even as I was speaking to her, she was in the bathroom readying herself for an evening with Ryan. She met him out at a restaurant frequented by people much younger that ourselves, and in a trendy but out of the way part of town. There was very little risk that they would have run into someone we know… unless of course, it was engineered.

When Suzanne walked into the restaurant, Ryan acted as though it were a complete surprise. “Wow, Suzanne… there’s someone I want you to meet. This is Kay, she and I work out together. Kay, this is Suzanne… my roommate.”

“Roommate,” remarked Kay, raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“Oh, don’t worry… there’s a long way between roommate and girlfriend,” answered Suzanne.

“Who are you meeting here,” asked Ryan.

“Actually… you, Ryan. I left my keys in my briefcase which is sitting in the back of Meg’s car. You had mentioned you had the reservations, so I just swung by to see if I could borrow yours. I’ll be home, and I’ll just leave the door open.”

“That’s no problem,” said Ryan, “But why don’t you join us for at least a glass of wine. I mean, you drove all this way. Kay… is that ok with you?”

“Sure, why not,” said Kay.

Suzanne ended up staying through most of the dinner. Kay played right into their plans as the two women hit it off marvelously. After Suzanne left Ryan and Kay at the restaurant to finish their desert without her, Kay rambled on about how sweet Suzanne was as Ryan continued to refill her wine and continued to pour on the charm. Kay was becoming putty in their hands.

When Kay and Ryan finally got home, Suzanne was already sitting in front of the couch watching TV in very dim light, easily unnoticed. The two lovers opened the front door and pushed their way into the foyer, mouths locked and hands exploring each other with a sense of hurried anticipation. Kay was drunk, and Ryan intentionally kept her back to Suzanne as he lifted her into the den. Then he positioned her down on the couch so that Suzanne was still not in plane sight. Suzanne remained in the shadows, sitting motionless and still… wearing a tight-fitting woman’s t-shirt and panties, drinking white wine.

It appeared that Kay was not aware that Suzanne was in the room. Her eyes were half closed as Ryan managed to get her dress off and lay her down with her back on the couch. He pulled off his own pants and straddled her chest, reaching back behind him to play gently with Kay’s pussy with one hand while positioning his cock in her mouth with the other. Kay was distracted by her hunger to taste and satisfy Ryan. She didn’t notice when the strong hand between her legs was replaced by a softer, gentler hand. And if she even noticed when that hand became a warm mouth, she said nothing.

As Kay’s hips started to gyrate, Ryan and Suzanne knew that they would soon have her. Suzanne let the pace of her tongue become more rapid. Ryan shifted so that one foot was on the floor and one knee was on the couch, his cock remaining in Kay’s mouth the entire time. The result of Ryan’s shifting himself on the couch was that his body no longer blocked Kay’s view of Suzanne. Kay’s eyes opened and fixed on the beautiful blonde woman between her legs. A woman was eating her pussy for the first time in her life. She embraced the moment, and her fingers found their way to the back of Suzanne’s head. She ran them through the fine, straight hair and moaned softly.

With this Ryan pulled his cock out of Kay’s mouth and lifted her up into his arms. Suzanne stood and removed her own shirt and panties. She followed Ryan into their bedroom. He was laying Kay straight out on the bed on her stomach. Suzanne moved around to the front of the bed, propping herself up against some pillows so that her open legs came together to give Kay her first taste of pussy.

Ryan lifted Kay’s hips slightly. He positioned the head of his cock at the precipice of Kay’s warm opening, but waited until he saw her lips touch Suzanne’s pussy before pushing inside of her. Suzanne stroked Kay’s hair as Ryan fucked her with only his own pleasure in mind. This was only the beginning of my wife’s seduction, but as it continued, Kay’s pleasure would become less and less consequential to Ryan and Suzanne. Ironically, their indifference would only serve to heighten Kay’s pleasure.

Despite the distraction of Ryan’s hard, thrusting cock, Kay proved to be very adept at licking Suzanne’s pussy. Suzanne later told me that Kay was a natural, and wasn’t content to just go through the motions. She was ravenous, exploring every corner of Suzanne’s crotch, inhaling deeply as if the aroma intoxicated her as it also did me.

After Ryan released his seed in Kay, he got up and left the room to clean up, leaving the two women to cuddle in each other’s arms and kiss and neck like new lovers often do. Suzanne let her hand find Kay’s pussy, and put her finger inside to drench it in Ryan’s cum. She put it inside my wife’s mouth and she nursed it like a hungry kitten.

“Do you like losing your inhibitions with us?” asked Suzanne.

“Yes,” nodded Kay.

“I seem to sense that you might have a submissive side,” remarked Suzanne.

“Maybe,” responded Kay.

“We’ll see,” said Suzanne as the two drifted off to sleep, still embracing each other.

Suzanne was gone the next morning when Kay woke up, but Ryan had crawled back into bed in the middle of the night. He had made Kay breakfast, and they drank a cup of coffee together making comfortable small talk until Kay left shortly thereafter.

“You’ll be back tonight, right?” asked Ryan. “I mean, you said your husband would be gone all week.”

“If you’ll have me,” smiled Kay.

“Oh, we’ll have you,” replied Ryan with his own smile beaming from ear to ear.


When Kay returned that night, it was Ryan’s turn to have slipped away. Suzanne greeted Kay at the door with a kiss on the cheek and told her that Ryan had gone to buy some wine, but he would be back soon.

“I wish I’d known,” said Kay, flashing two bottles of wine that she had brought.

Suzanne smiled and walked Kay into the kitchen to grab a bottle opener. She handed it to Kay and Kay worked on the cork, pulling it and filling three glasses that Suzanne placed on the counter. She leaned forward and kissed Kay before handing her a glass. Kay was smitten.

“So you had fun last night?” asked Suzanne.

“Absolutely, I feel like I’m letting myself go for the very first time. My husband and I have drifted so far apart that there’s no intimacy anymore. I wish that wasn’t so, but it is. Last night I feel like I made up for lost time.”

“We loved it too. We talked about it all day. Ryan and I think we can have something really special with you, but you just have to trust us.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kay.

“Oh, I’ll explain later. Just tell me about your day. The two women drifted off into small talk and munched on some cheese and crackers that Suzanne put on a plate for them. Soon, however, Suzanne’s cell phone rang and interrupted them.

“It’s Ryan,” she said looking at the caller ID. “No, I haven’t said anything about it yet. Yes, I promise I will. Hurry back.”

“Said anything about what?” asked Kay.

“Well, we have this little fantasy… do you think you’d be up for something a bit kinky?”

“Well,” answered Kay with a smile, “by my standards I’ve already been up to something kinky. What do you have in mind?”

“Ryan and I were thinking,” she bit her lip and cocked her head just a bit, “that it might be fun tonight if you were our little sex slave. We wouldn’t do anything that made you uncomfortable, just a little harmless role playing. What do you think?”

Kay rubbed her finger around the rim of her wine glass. She put the glass to her mouth, closed her eyes, and emptied it before setting it back down on the calendar. “Your wish is my command,” she said with a smile.

“Perfect,” responded Suzanne. She filled Kay’s glass and instructed her to wait in the living room while she grabbed a few ‘things’. She unlocked the door to her chambers and went inside, closing and locking the door behind her. When she stepped out ten minutes later, she was dressed to the nines. From the leather tips of her thigh-high boots, to the top laces of her leather corset, she was in amazing form. In her right hand she held a collar and a leash. As she walked into the living room Kay started to stand. “Sit back down,” ordered Suzanne. She extended her gloved hand to Kay’s mouth, and Kay put her tongue to work licking the tips of Suzanne’s fingers.

Kay was made to strip and kneel in front of Suzanne. “I’m not going to put this collar on you, not yet anyway.” She held the collar in front of Kay. “If you really want to belong to us, you’ll put it on yourself. But we’ll explain all this to you later. Although… I bet right now you’re thinking you want to belong to us, don’t you?” She pulled Kay’s mouth to her waist. “Kiss your Mistress’s pussy.” Kay’s lips touched Suzanne’s body. She closed her eyes and lost herself in her submissive passions.

“Save some of that energy for me, pet.” It was Ryan. He had slipped quietly back into the house from the garage and standing naked beside Suzanne. He leaned down on one knee and kissed Kay softly on the side of her mouth. She tried to make more of the kiss, but that was all he offered. Ryan took a seat on the couch across the room. “Come here, pet.” Kay stood to walk to Ryan. “No, no… crawl.” Kay dropped back to her knees and crawled to her new Master. Ryan spread his legs slightly. “Suck on my cock… that’s a good girl.”

Suzanne was now standing behind Kay. She had pulled on her strap-on, but in her hand she held a very small vibrator. She placed it against Kay’s pussy, and Kay turned to see what was happening. “No, no,” said Ryan. “Eyes on me.”

The combination of her first foray into submission, and the pulsating vibrations that Suzanne was working between her legs was intoxicating Kay. She wanted only to satisfy Ryan, and he was coaching her to fight her gag reflex and to take his cock into the back of her throat. He stopped he as he got close to cumming, and had her lick his balls and place only soft, gentle kisses on the length of his cock. “What do you think your husband would think of this?” asked Ryan.

Kay paused to look up at Ryan. “I think he couldn’t imagine this. He’s very sexually… dull... I guess that’s the word He wouldn’t think I have this in me.”

“Call me ‘Sir’ when you speak to me, ok, Kay. Call me ‘Sir’ and Suzanne “Ma’am”.”

“Yes, Sir,” responded Kay. She went back to kissing Ryan’s balls.

“Many men,” said Suzanne from behind her, “get very turned on by watching their wife act like such a slut. I bet your husband would like to watch you suck Ryan’s cock like you do. Do you know what it’s called when a husband likes to watch his wife get fucked by another man?” Kay shook her head. “It makes him a ‘cuckold’. It makes him a submissive, cuckold. The woman not only ends up fucking whoever she wants, she ends up with a husband that does whatever she tells him to do. Do you think that maybe your husband would want to be a cuckold?”

Kay stopped suddenly and looked at them both very seriously. “Why the interest in my husband all of a sudden?”

“Sir. Refer to me as Sir.”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. Why the sudden interest in my husband, Sir.”

“Because you cannot wear that collar… you cannot really belong to us as long as we are a secret from him. We don’t want to share you, we want to own you.”

Suzanne, who has been running the vibrator she held against Kay on a very slow speed, suddenly turned it up. Then she positioned the head of her strap-on against the moistening lips of Kay’s pussy. Kay closed her eyes and caught her breath. The pleasure was catching up to her. Suzanne pushed herself inside of Kay and leaned in to whisper in her ear. “You want to belong to us, don’t you?”

“Tell you husband that you’ve arranged to go out to dinner with your new trainer and his girlfriend on Saturday night. We’ll take it from there,” commanded Ryan.

“Yes, Sir.” These were the last words she muttered before abandoning her body to the pure sexual pleasure of sucking Ryan’s cock and being fucked by Suzanne’s strap-on.

Saturday would be here before she knew it.


John said...

Dear Ms Katherine, it was such a pleasure to find your blog and i look forward to studying and enjoying it over the days to come. I found a link to this page referring to the current story and find it to be a classic of the genre. It is addictive as the scenes portrayed and the 'hero' represents all our addictions!
Although I am familiar with Elise Sutton's name and her site to a small extent,i cannot comment on its suitability for this story.It would be wonderful to see it continue here...if that is possible.

leopold said...

Well, I"ve read this far with baited breath and you haven't let us down yet, so I'd probably pay to read the final installment(s) in Predominant. Ms. Sutton's magazine, or her website, would be appropriate homes for your entire story. I can't wait for to find out how Jay and Kay end up after reading how Ryan and Suzanne suggest it will go. They seem to be right about most things -LOL. Are there any males reading this who don't put themselves in Jay's role? I certainly do. For women readers, could you choose between Kay and Suzanne's role?

bdenied said...

the last time I saw thig blog it was on blogspot. I am to understand that the references to cuckolding have been a work of fiction?

Nobody said...


Karen Harris said...

Dear Ms. Katherine
I just found your blog tonight and am I the happiest person alive????

This story, as John says, is very addictive. I feel that I MUST continue reading and when I am finished, I will read it again.

I would love to see the entire story continue here if that would be OK with you.

Lots of Hugs

Roadrunner said...

It will be a cold day in HELL before another man has to be asked if I can fuck my wife. I'd drop him like a poll axed steer and piss in his face

Ken said...

Great story!