Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seventh Installment

Note from Katherine: How much longer, dear reader, do you think this story can continue? Isn't it everything I promised?

*** 7th Installment Follows ***

“He’s fucking your wife,” whispered Suzanne.

He created a rhythm for her. She matched him, and a passionate clash of bodies and tongues and fingers grabbing and exploring followed. Kay moaned and screamed and I could have taken off my headphones and still have heard her perfectly through the walls.

“She will love you both forever,” said Suzanne. Her tongue nibbled on my ears and her hand stroked my cock.

Kay gripped the sides of the massage table and lifted her neck so that her chin touched her breasts. Ryan now ignored the camera and just allowed himself the joy of his conquest. His strength, his confidence, his masculinity seemed to impress itself on my wife with every thrust of his cock into her body. She reacted to him like she had never done to me.

Suzanne stepped in front of me. She switched off the monitors and flipped another switch changing the input on my headphones from the microphone in the adjacent room to a CD playing techno dance music. She looked down at me and smiled. She had just given my wife and her lover privacy, and locked me out of their pleasure. She placed a blindfold around my eyes, securing it tightly behind my head. I slumped forward, overcome with a sense of physical and emotional vertigo.

I wasn’t sure how much time passed; it could have been fifteen minutes or it could have been an hour. I wasn’t awake, but I wasn’t sleeping either when Ryan pulled the blindfold off of me, removed the ball gag, and lifted off the headphones. He stood towering above me, naked with his cock hanging loosely between his legs. Suzanne was several feet behind him, standing with her arms crossed. Immediately I sensed something familiar. It was the scent of my wife.

“I fucked your wife, just like I said I would. She’s such a slut. She couldn’t get enough of my cock… first her mouth and then her pussy. And her pussy was so tight, like it had never been fucked before. And when I came, my cock was buried deep in her pussy.”

Suzanne moved behind Ryan and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “I put my finger into her pussy, and I covered it in my cum… I put it to her mouth and she sucked my finger dry… my cum and her pussy juices… and she sucked it dry, like a dirty, fucking whore. Suzanne reached around Ryan’s waist and put her cock in his hands. She rubbed on his balls, and stroked his shaft until it started to stiffen in front of me. “But I didn’t let her clean off my cock. My cock, all sticky with her cum and my own… I saved that for you.”

He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his stiff cock into my mouth and down to the back of my throat. I could taste him, I could taste Kay, and I could smell the product of their sex in the matted nest of pubic hairs into which he pushed my nose. I fought my gag reflex as he fucked the back of my throat with a detached sense of abandonment like he had never shown before. I was almost sick when he finally came, and his warm seed dribbled down the back of my throat.

Suzanne went around behind me and unlocked the spreader bar. “Clean yourself up and get the fuck out of here,” she commanded.

“And keep your fucking cock out of my new pussy,” added Ryan. With that he and Suzanne walked out of the room, his arm around her shoulders and both of them not even looking back.


dark said...

This is such a turnon. Please continue the story I will like it whatever outcome it has. The more humiliation the better, just keep it real.

leopold said...

Please Ms. West. I love this story, and I don't want it to end yet. Aren't there some things left to consider? What happens to Jay and Kay's relationship? Surely they have to confront this course of events together and then find how their lives are going to fit in with Suzanne and Ryan's. To me, IMHO, Jay hasn't really been cuckholded until his wife tells him he has; when she knows that he knows - that's went the dam breaks for him. I hope you'll continue to feel inspired by this wonderful situation you've created.

rowcoco said...

Dear Ms. West,

I just found this story and could not stop reading it. All I can say is wow, there is so much in it that I can relate to! Thank You!

Susan's Pet said...

The story is a real turn on for me. It has all the elements of my fantasy. You could keep it going by introducing confrontation between Kay and Jay, and make Suzanne and Ryan fail from time to time, so that they appear more human. Jay seems to want to go along with this, but he needs to put up some resistance in order to continue the story. Just a thought.