Monday, February 25, 2008

10th Installment

I was brought out of the room, and put into a chastity device before being locked unceremoniously into a steel cage where I spent the rest of the night. Outside, I could hear the three of them fucking, screaming, and ultimately laughing and talking quietly. Kay was not part of their inter-circle,not one of them so to speak, but she was much more privileged in this group than I was. I contemplated my new existence as I drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken fairly early. Ryan had gotten up to pee, and came in to get me up so that I could go out and buy the groceries I would need to prepare them all breakfast. He let me out of the cage, but kept the chastity device on me. “Hurry back, and make sure the bacon isn’t too crisp,” said Ryan.

When I returned from the grocery store, I could hear them up and talking quietly from the bedroom. Soon, the talk evolved into sex, and I could hear soft moans coming from both of the women. Breakfast was nearly ready when I heard my wife call to me. “Jay, come in here. I’ve got something for you.” I scurried into the bedroom and saw Kay positioned in the middle of Ryan and Suzanne. They were all naked and looked unbelievably beautiful together like that.

“Right here, Jay, right between Kay’s legs,” ordered Suzanne. I nestled into position with my head at Kay’s pussy. She held her legs tightly together. “Open your legs up, dear,” she said to Kay. Kay spread her legs and I could see now why I was called into the room. Ryan’s semen was spilling out of my wife.

Without a word being spoken, I put my mouth to her pussy. I felt her hand touch the back of my head and pull me in closer. “Good boy,” she said. “You surprise me, honey. I didn’t know you had this in you.” She purred as Suzanne leaned in to kiss her.

“That’s enough,” said Ryan. “You’ve had your breakfast, now go get ours ready.”

I scurried out of the bedroom and back to the kitchen. There was work to be done.

*** Chapter 5 ***

I was sent home late that morning and was told that Kay would be dropped off at the house by 5:00. I was to have the entire house cleaned from top to bottom and the laundry washed, ironed and put away. My wife, I was informed, had some training of her own to undergo, and that when she returned home, it would be my turn to get an “expectation setting” conversation.

I worked like mad to get the house clean. I was just putting up the last of the laundry when Kay walked in the house shortly after 5:30. “Meet me in the guest room in fifteen minutes. Bring wine and one glass.” She stepped into the master (ironic word) bathroom and shut the door behind her.

Fifteen minutes later, I was kneeling in front of the wingback chair in the guest room waiting for my wife to arrive. I wore only the chastity device that I had been wearing since last night. She stepped into the room wearing only a short, white robe. She took a seat in the chair, and extended her hands to take the glass of wine from me. “I guess we didn’t know what we were each capable of becoming,” she said in a whispered voice. She smiled and sipped on the wine. “And I still think we can become so much more. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“First, let me tell you that I now know everything. I know how you responded to Suzanne’s ad for a professional Mistress. I know how you became a whore to both of them while I sat home, feeling lonely and ignored. I know how you set me up to be seduced by Ryan… how you were so willing to have him fuck me.” In truth, I wondered if she did know everything. Did she know, for example, she was on camera when Ryan was fucking her on the massage table? At this point, however, did it really matter?

“I’m sorry,” I muttered.

“Don’t be. It’s all working out perfectly as far as I’m concerned. I like our new arrangement very much. I think you do as well, am I right?”

“Yes, I confess. I do like it. I don’t understand it, but I love it.”

“It’s ok, honey. I’m here to make this dream a reality for you. You will become my perfect, submissive cuckold in every way. You’ll wear that chastity device on your pathetic cock all the time. I’ll expect that you obey me perfectly, and that you do things that you know please me on your own initiative. Ryan will fuck me when it pleases him. You may or may not be involved. He also thinks that I should recruit a small group of lovers other than him. He thinks they should be men that you and I both already know. Any suggestions?”

“No, I’m sorry, I don’t. I....”

Kay interrupted me. “Don’t worry. I have some ideas. For example, I’ve never told you this, but Jack Hanover has been flirting with me for years. He called me after you fired him. He said that while you two would obviously never be friends again, he wanted me to know that if there was ever anything I needed, to please call him. I never called him, but I have masturbated to the thought of being fucked by that man a hundred times. He’s still single; I checked.”

“Honey, he’s still friends with Chuck (my rival at work). He would tell Chuck and everyone at my company would know.”

“Would know what, Jay? Would know that he fucked me, or that not only he fucked me, but that you are also a submissive cuckold… a man that likes to watch his wife be fucked by other men. Which did you mean, Jay?”

“Either would be bad,” I said.

“Well, maybe I’ll just keep you in the closet while Jack fucks me. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if your rival knew he was only fucking me and not the whole truth. But when he leaves… when he goes home… you’ll be out of the closet and then you know what happens. Right, Jay.”

“What’s that?”

Kay leaned back and opened up her robe. She put one leg over the arms of the chair and the other over my shoulder. “Ryan fucked me hard right before I left.” Her pussy exposed, I could see that it was still red and swollen from the sex. It was barely dripping Ryan’s semen. I put my mouth to her crotch and licked hungrily. “There you go. I know you love doing this. You’ll really love doing it when its Jack’s cum, won’t you?”

“Anything for you, dear.”

“And Suzanne, she promised to teach me how to keep you in line. She’s says there are lots of wonderful ways to remind you who’s in charge around here. I’ll be getting some of my own equipment… strap-ons, paddles, cuffs. And you’ll be doing a lot of housework. When you are not at work, and not traveling, you’ll be home, cooking, cleaning, and doing everything you took for granted from me for years. And I may be here… or maybe not. I might be called over by Suzanne or Ryan, so lick them, suck them or fuck them… whatever they want.” I bowed my head in resignation of what awaited me.

“But don’t worry, dear. I really do love. I really do care for you. You know this don’t you?”

“Yes, of course,” I responded.

“My eyes have been opened to what it is that you need. I never appreciated how fundamental submission was to who you are. I knew you had asked me to play “games” with you before... tying you up, that sort of thing. I just never knew that this was just the tip of the iceberg. I never understood how deeply you craved complete submission. Does this all resonate with you?”

“Yes, it does.” I was not telling her what she wanted to hear. This was the truth.

“Tell me. I want to hear it from you.”

“I’ve never been able to escape the fact,” I started to respond, “that I knew I could be closer with you if I were to submit to you. I am so sorry that I went behind your back to tried and fulfill these urges to submit, but they were so strong. I am so sorry I pulled you into this the way I did. I love you so much”

“Don’t worry, baby,” she assured me. “I’ am going to take good care of you. I love you more than ever. This is all for the best.” She pulled me back into her pussy. I started to service her again, but she stopped me. “Don’t kiss it, just be close to me… just breathe.”

I lay against her with tears forming in my eyes. “I love you so much.”

“No more talking, just breathe.”


leopold said...

I just found the 10th installment and haven't had time to read it yet but want to thank you for sharing this wonderful story! It's awesomely hot. I'd like to see it made into a really good movie.

John said...

Thank you Ms Katherine...deliciously written story.

Brian Houlihan said...

This is wonderful. You people are living my fantasy. Please keep it up.

rowcoco said...

This is by far the best story on this topic I've read and don't want it to end. Thank you so much for sharing your story.


SlaveJohnL said...

Truly enjoying the story- I hope we are going to see the 11th installment soon....can't wait till Jay has to lick his nemesis's cum out of his wife's pussy!!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying the emergence of a loving female authority marriage.....until then I enjoyed the it is so much more

Beloved said...

Spectacular! The more I read these installments, the more I want a "jay" of My own.

CuckRick said...

When can we expect your next installment? Great story!

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