Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Eve

All is not cuckolding.

My husband and I went out to dinner with a group of friends on New Year's Eve. As you know, we generally keep our lifestyle as a very private matter, and while my husband is always particularly attentive to me in public, most of our social circle would never suspect the extent to which I truly control him.

After dinner, we sat and drank wine and all became very tipsy and giddy. One of the men at the table very light-heartedly mentioned that my husband was by far the most pussy-whipped in the group and truly showed no signs of even wanting to wear the pants in our relationship. While this was a very astute observation, the comment had the potential to bring an uncomfortable moment to what was otherwise a very pleasant evening. My husband, however, good naturedly concurred with our friend's observation and ultimately opened the door to more revelations than had heretofore come to pass.

My husband confessed that I was clearly the Alpha-spouse in the home and that he would have it no other way. In fact, he went on, all marriages would be better off if men were the submissive partners in the marriage. He described how in our own home, he does the laundry, the house-cleaning and the cooking. His most important job is "chief pamperer", and he is always at my beck and call with foot rubs, massages, or whatever might please me. A this point I intervened as I thought he might be on the verge of going to far with personal details. I rubbed my hand on the back of his neck and told the group that my husband is the perfect man, and with a smile, explained that he was always rewarded for his efforts. Besides a few friendly giggles, really, nothing more was said about it that night.

Last night, I went to the mall with one of the women that we had been to dinner with on New Year's. Apparently the conversation did not pass quickly from her thoughts. She prodded me for more details and wanted to know if my marriage was really like my husband described. I did my best to deflect her questions. We will see if she brings them up again, but for now, I was not ready to share any more than had already been confessed. While I believe in this lifestyle, I realize that loving female authority - even far short of the level to which we practice it in our home - represents a powder keg of prejudices and perceptions. I am not quite sure that I am ready to have a partner in crime with a woman to whom I am so close.

Again, I will wait and see if she continues to press the matter.


Anonymous said...

i admire Your husband's courage. i think it shows his deep devotion and love for You as well as knowing his place. my experience with vanilla folks is much of the time they aren't really trying to understand the situation but enjoy the shock value much like reading the news. Not to judge the lady who is prodding You but i would be most careful as You are in what is said. Thank You Ma'am for allowing us to see in Your relationship :)

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Lady Katherine,
You were wise to put the brakes on your husband's conversation amongst the group on New Year's Eve. Any more information about your lifestyle might have made it more difficult to meet with these people at future get-togethers. A man, no matter how submissive he may be, still wants to feel like a man amongst other men. The comment from the other gentleman about your husband being "pussy-whipped" can sting a man deeply. Your husband is certainly courageous in how he reacted to the comment and tried to explain some of the things that he did for you. Vanilla men don't understand another man submitting to his wife, and it scares them. I mean, their wives might want them to do it, and then what would happen to their freedom to watch football on TV and to go out drinking with their buddies and to sleep in on the weekends while the wife gets up to wash clothes and clean the house. I do think, however, that the other lady was genuinely curious as to how you got your husband to do these things for you. Any intelligent woman would be. You'll be getting more questions from her in the near future! See, this is what happens when a pepple is dropped into a lake. The ripples begin to grow larger as they spread out and out to the far shore of the lake. This is how FemDom relationships are spreading now.

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Lady Katherine,

As others have observed, prudence can be a wise thing. Your friend, however, may be on the verge of comprehending what makes your marriage so beautiful. While the other men may be teasing your husband about being "whipped", no doubt the women look at your relationship with absolute awe. This friend may well have a deep envy and desire to have what you have.

My wife and I both have had a friend (separate friends) continually inquire for months as to the secret of our happy relationship. We each waited until we felt that the curiosity on the part of the friend was so deep and so genuine that she could be trusted with our secret. We felt that we had to wait until there was no doubt that the seeker was inquiring out of her own deep desire for a better relationship with men. We also wanted it to be obvious that rather than our trying to proselytize the person, that it was only because of the other's sincere quest for knowledge that we opened the door to our secret. We have been the same way about sharing our practice of Tantra.

To each of these friends, we recently gave copies of Venus on Top by Barbara Wright Abernathy, and The New Bride's Guide to Training Her Husband by Emily Addison.

There is a hunger within society for something deeper than most people have within traditional marriage. I believe that those of us involved in L.F.A. are on the cutting edge of a societal revolution.

alfio said...

you are a man, aren't you? your story is a fulfillment of any male fantasy: 1) domination 2)cuckoldry 3) and, last but not least dominated by two women.
I am sure this friend of yours will join your ménage...
A good novel indeed, congratulations!

VeezKnight said...

It’s been a year since my wife and I formally acknowledged her female authority. To our knowledge, our relationship is appreciably less vanilla than those of our friends, so we don’t divulge the more personal details of our marriage. However, my wife and I have begun to drop hints now and then just to test peoples’ reactions. For instance, my wife has “threatened” me with a spanking in front of others. Though she has done this in jest, invariably it draws comments from other wives such as, “You go, girl!” and from husbands, “Can I be next?”

Not a single acquaintance or ours, male or female, has yet to run screaming into the night. They may privately suspect that “something is different” about the relationship between my wife and I, but our circle of friends seems go grow ever larger. Moreover, people frequently comment that my wife and I are the most romantic couple they know. I should point out that we all are in our late 40s or early to mid 50s. This undoubtedly holds a fair degree of significance since younger men don’t seem to understand that married life is easier when “Mama is happy.”

Recently I initiated a discussion among a circle of friends about indications in our society that females are taking more and more control. Of four married men in the discussion, all agreed and when asked who truly led their individual marriages, all admitted that, largely, their wives were in charge. When our wives got wind of the conversation, they smiled and nodded their heads in approval. And so I’ve come to suspect that those of us in wife-led marriages are overly concerned with being secretive about our marital relationships. The more we open up about this, the faster the shift to female authority will occur. Those of us already in the FemDom lifestyle understand the many benefits that will bring to relationships and society in general.

VeezKnight said...
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Alberto said...

Lady Katherine, today I posted a few comments in your blog, this becoues is the first time I feel I'm talking with someone who is real, I will love to share my experience with you and your friends. Alberto.

Alberto said...

Please forgive my bad English, I will try to get better at this.

Alberto said...

Once my wife dominated me fully, she decided she wanted to share this with her best girl fiend, who happened to be a psicologist and already suspected the nature of our relantionship, the fact is that she came to visit us to our town ans stayed with us in our house for two weeks, Ivanna, my wife explained me that she wanted to live normally at home and threfore it was better if she explined to her friend that I was her submissive serving husband. It is important to add that by then I weared panties all the time and also kind of femmenine closes at home. She even spanked me in front of her, this was a very erotic experience for us, she had done this before only in front of my mother in law who helped her break me once we married.