Friday, September 09, 2005

More on Forced Bi

Further consideration has given me some new thinking on the notion of having my husband suck another man's cock. I have thought about how many times in the early years of our marriage I put my mouth on his cock, and I think of the forced bi experiment as an opportunity to wash away his past transgression for putting me in this position of juxtaposed authority.

When giving my husband blowjobs in the past, I did it because I felt it was an unselfish means of providing him pleasure. Of course I recognized the aura of humility that it brought to me, but never gave it a second thought given that it was occuring in a loving relationship. However, now I look back at it with an enlightened perspective. My husband knew at the time that we first married that he was submissive. Even if I didn't know it, he did. He also knew that I was superior to him and demanded reverence in the relationship beyond what I even comprehended at the time. Yet knowing all this, he still allowed me to kneel before him and to place my mouth on his penis.

He tells me now that he never really enjoyed receiving oral sex. While it produces physical pleasure for him, it never engendered a sense of closeness to me. This sense of closeness - of emotional intimacy - was always a decent if not perfect substitute for the sense of intimate surrender to me that he now has via our open practice loving female authority. So, knowing that the blowjobs represented some sense of temporary submission on my part, and knowing that he did not really want them in the first place, I am left thinking of a remedy for what he allowed to happen.

Perhaps to have him know the humility of sucking a cock is entirely appropriate.


Just Me said...

As a man in a Wife-led home, i also have experienced Her giving me a blow job, but it was always initiated by Her and was rare probably because it never went very far. Until our understanding of the nature of our relationship became clearer, i am sure She believed that Her technique was defective. Not that i ever said that in words, but the physical clues pointed that way. Now that She understands my submissiveness was the reason for my lack of enthusiasm, She will still occasionally torture me that way. Having no desire for a blowjob, Your husband may have just felt like going along since You initiated the act. Instead of forcing him to perform on another male, which would violate the monogomy that You have not yet decided You want to disturb, consider having him spurt into his own mouth. You can have him lay on his back with his legs over his head, and also that gives You a good access to slap his backside if he doesn't do a good job. i can assure you, it is very degrading and will be a satisfactory punishment, especially if you make him beg to be allowed to lick the excess from your fingers after the act.

Quiet guy said...

It's difficult to say, based on your post, whetter or not you are exceeding your husband's limits (or in fact you have discussed his limits with him).

If he is totally against bi-sexual activity, and you and he have discussed this, I really think you have to respect this limit of his.

That said, limits are always meant to be broadened, and this might be an opportunity for both of you to push the envelope, so to speak.

I would break down this decison into two segments. 1) Do you think you want to go ahead and cuckold your husband? and 2) If you do, I would suggestthat you start slowly and let him serve your new 'friend' and you, leaving little doubt in the mind of the new man that your hubby is a submissive and that he might someday have the opportunity to use his the sub's mouth in a 'special' way.

I would also suggest that you keep an eye to see if a bulge develops betweens your husbands legs during the various stages of this. That's always a good barometer of his true feelings!

Another Husband said...

My wife and I read your blog and enjoy it as it is more like us and not to us extreme. We are not at the same position as you and your husband but we are enjoying the journey to a similar destination/

Have you trained your husband? If you did what techniques do you use, rewards, punishments, or combination of both?
Can you give examples of your rewards and punishments?
Did you have a schedule that you stuck to or was it it at your whim?
Was your husband aware of the schedule or did you keep it to yourself?
What type of things did you train him to do?
If he initiated an action that you liked or disliked how did you reinforce or quell the action?

Kevin said...

My wife and I have a similar issue. Early in our marriage, before we truly realized the nature of our relationship, she gave me blowjobs occasionally. Now she does not, of course, and she has made me drink my own cum to make up for the fact that i allowed to her to give me blowjobs. It does make me try very hard to foresee what I should be doing to ensure her happiness now and in the future. I think you should make him be orally involved in the cuckold experience, if in fact you decide to go through with it. I also hope that your husband, with his granted right of making this decision, decides to allow us to hear about your date tonight. We are all anxiously awaiting the outcome.

miler said...

Take the lead and make it happen. If hubby really objects, then you'll hear about it and make a decision accordingly. I bet he won't object or you would have heard about it. Also, this will more firmly establish your dominance over hubby. Hubby should service your lover and then orally service you and then respectfully ask your lover to make love to you.

I think your site is great. You must be a wonderful wife and your hub is lucky to have you

icovetu said...

Your husband should learn his place in Your home. he must do as he is told, regardless of his feelings or wants. he must learn to be mindful of Your needs and YOUR DESIRES. If You desire him to suck another man's COCK and drink his CUM, then he should do so ENTHUSIASTICALLY. In fact, he should respectfully beg You to do it again and again (if only to please YOU)! Your desires should become his desires. Perhaps he needs more training, there are other places into which Your new lover can insert his COCK. Have Your new lover tested, (and if he's safe) then let him CUM in Your husband's ass. That will teach Your husband some humility and remove his pride.

steve leon said...

l think Forced Bi on straight men is not suitable that made them feel annoy. Only gay and sissie men can do it by their wives commands

james said...

Forced Bi regardless of his like or dislike is totally up to the female. In fact, if he doesn't like it at first, he should be made to understand that he has no choice in the issue and that it is to please her. In time, he will grow to love sucking cock to please his mistress. As a sub male, I was initially opposed to taking a man's penis in my mouth, however through a firm mistress, initial strap on training, humiliation and being told that I would be eventually required to felate a man to climax it gave me no choice. Eventually as time wore on, I was awaiting it, and became very aroused at it, especially the humiliation aspect of it. It started out with her cuckholding me by having me insert another man's penis into her as I watched. Then she escalated it to me lubricating their penises with my mouth while my cock was encased in a CB3000. My mistress truly enjoyed humiliating me and I grew to love it as well. She would allow her lover to ejaculate inside her then tell me lay on my back, squat over my face and allow their semen to run out of her opening into my mouth. I have been completely conditioned to accept my walk in life to please my mistress by taking semen. She was truly into watching other men humiliate me. At first they were reserved, but at her urging, they grew bolder. I was always belted and unable to come to an orgasm myself. Eventually, I will never forget how she told me that she wanted me to felate not one, but 2 men to completion. I was begging for it by then. The process of forced bi is ideally suited to cuckholding and humilitation. My mistress's creativity knows no bounds and she has recently begun training me to be anally penetrated. A sort of final frontier. I can't say no to her wishes and I can only imagine where she will go. She truly enjoys watching me felate men, when they ejaculate on my outstreched tongue or on her feet and I lick it up.

faceunder1 said...

"the notion of having my husband suck another man's cock"

came about in my case as follows.

My wife has a friend called Victoria, and on a recent Victoria complained that her husband had asked her to suck his cock, but that she had no desire to do so. No problem said my wife, send him round here, and I shall instruct my husband to give him what he wants.

It was not long before he called, and had the pleasure of using me in this way.

He is now, I am pleased to say a regular visitor.

faceunder1 said...
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powerleg5 said...

Forced Bi could only strengthen the dominant status over the submissive with nothing more than simple psychology.

By that I mean even having fantasy thoughts about being forced to receive it from a man instead of giving it to a woman really mean nothing until you have been seen or watched do it by another.
Once you have been seen doing it then there can be no true denying it. The one that watched has a clear cut advantage over the one that was seen doing it.
To verify this lets use an example.
Let's say the male had mentioned before that he would like to watch the female be with another female. The wife says no and end of conversation. Nothing was ever mentioned about that being the other way around with her watching him do another man. That is until she decides since he wanted me to do that then I think it's time he did it instead.
The clear advantage comes in for her by watching him do what you have never done nor ever would do.

It's like I have watched you do something I would never do or I have seen you naked but I would never let you see me naked. Who holds the advantage?

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Vince Stead said...

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wolfgang548 said...

What really gets me is how so many women want to make their husbands suck another man's cock in revenge for sucking their husbands cocks in the past. If it wasn't something that didn't appeal to you, then why the fuck did you do it in the first place? How many times did your husbands go down and munch the muffin? Maybe husbands should bring another women in the picture and make the wives go downtown. And they say women are better leaders but they can't even make a decision of what like or don't early on. I read an article yesterday on dominant women and it said they are Needy and dependent, not independent like they claim. It also stated dominant women are always high-drama gals. It seems to be exactly that on this blog. I was considering dating such a woman but most of what I read on how they are changed my mind. I'm too mature to deal with someone that would act 16 for the rest of her life. The way I see it: Women need us more than we need them. And the pigs they're married to are pathetic poor excuses for men.