Saturday, September 24, 2005

Breaking Him Down Slowly

I regret in some ways that my husband has always been aware that he is submissive. How lucky you women are that have husbands completely out of touch with what I (more and more) believe is the male's innate need to submit.

You could break him down slowly by using your feminine sexuality to tease, torment and ultimately conquer him. You can take credit for introducing him to the pleasure of loving female authority. You can watch him evolve and grow under your constant nurturing. Before and after snapshots will reveal quite a story. The before profile is a man with no direction, no focus. The after profile is a man committed to your service and free in a way that he never was before.

Women owe the introduction of femdom to their men. Anything less is almost cruel.


iobey said...

You're right, men truly do need to serve and submit. If more women were positive and supportive of their desire for male obedience - I'm sure more men would feel comfortable about being subservient.


Quiet guy said...

I think you are correct that many men need to have their submissiveness pointed out to them. However, I wonder if ALL men have the submissive side that you mention. Alternately, I would respectfully suggest that your strong (read dominant) personality has unsconsciously attracted submissive men to you and not too many non-submissives.

For example, a while back you posted that your ex-fiance' showed an interest in the wife-led household web site you suggested to him and he said that he could become interested in this type of lifestyle. I wasn't surprised to read this. It is very possible that you and he had a domenuant/submissive relationship while you were together, to a lesser extent than you noe have with your husband, of course and without either of you having a name for it. For example, I would bet that when the two of you were dating and you were deciding what movie to go to, he often conceded to your wishes and you both didn't identify it as a dominant/submissive relationship - but it really was.

I woulld respectfully submit (no pun) that there are dominant males out there, dear Ms. Katherine, and it's just that your personalities have kept you apart.

That being said, however, I do agree that their are quite a few submissive men, in hiding. (Both those who are aware of their submissiveness and those who have not yet figured it out)

On the opposite side of the coin, I would be interested in your opinion as to why so many women seem to be afraid to admit to their own dominant side.

Submissive men certainly are out there, in hiding, but their wives seem to be totally convinced that they (the wife) should wear a pretty yellow dress with an apron and serve hubby his beer while he watches football on Sunday afetrnoon and that his steak should be ready just when the game ends. Sound familiar? It's happening all over the country.

If you have any thoughts as why so many women feel that dominant behavior is abnormal, I'd be interested in your thoughts. I suppose, more importantly, how would you suggest that these 'stereotypes' be overcome.

I think that both men and women are trapped behind this expectation and that they are afraid to let their true personalities come forward - its really a shame.

Thanks for a great blog, I'm sure I speak for a lot of your readers when I say that your are missed when you don't post.

Alberto said...

I was turned into a submissive husband slowly by my wife and later by her mother, now I understand that she married me becouse she wanted a husband to serve her