Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Pleasure is his Pleasure

The title of this post is certainly a topic that I have touched upon. It is simple and perfect and absolutely true. For my adoring husband, nothing brings him greater pleasure than the act of selflessly pleasing me.

This begins with the gratification he takes from absolving me of my domestic responsibilities. I am now a woman of leisure, my only real efforts are put towards those things that I enjoy such as working out, gardening, visiting with friends and (now) writing this blog. His job is fulfilling in a new way in that it provides us the financial means to live the lifestyle I have come accustomed to living. I control all of the income from his job, as I control everything else in our marriage.

Domestic and financial resources already focussed on my pleasure, it is a natural that he should also take great pleasure in pleasing me physically. Most every evening has me naked and laid out on a professional massage table. I am surrounded by candles and treated to soothing music of my choosing. He then practices a variety of wonderful massage techniques on me. We have a very clear understanding that I am not to be shortchanged on the massages. They never last less than one hour, at the conclusion of which, he is permitted to service me in more intimate ways.

He very often positions a pillow under my waist allowing him easy access to my bottom. He then will spend a great deal of time tonguing and licking my asshole in what I have previously described as the perfect physical metaphor for our relationship. He has confessed that this activity as much as anything else brings him into "subspace", that psychological netherworld where his submission to me overwhelms him and completely fulfills him in the way he always dreamt that it could. I will then either have him move his tongue from my ass to my clitoris so that he can focus on my orgasm, or alternatively, have him use a vibrating dildo on me while he continues to rim me. Either way, we both get exactly what we want from the evening's activities.


tim said...

Ms West,

i am like Your husband nothing transcends me into subspace faster than rimming my Wife's anus.

Although i am concerned i offended You because You removed a wonderful post shortly after i commented on it. i hope i did not offend You.

i will continue to read Your blog if that is OK...

be well


Stan said...

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