Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Power of Managing His Orgasms

I think that perhaps the single most effective tool I have for managing the intensity of his submission to me is orgasm denial. Much has been written on this subject, but I want to make a few points which I feel have been under-emphasized in the majority of the writings I have seen on the topic.

The first point is that I very much believe that the ritual of the orgasm denial is more important than the denial itself. He must know that you are in control of his orgasms and that you are manipulating them to intensify his submission. Secondly, there must be some tangible and physical reminder of your control over his orgasm. For many, this is a chastity device such as the CB 2000, CB 3000 or the Curve. In our case, I wear a ring on the pinky finger of my left hand. If I remove the ring, he is permitted to orgasm the next time we are intimate. This is not something we discuss, it is something that goes unspoken. When I'm not wearing the ring he knows that while he will still be expected to serve me orally prior to intercourse, he also knows that he may consumate his intercourse by ejaculating inside of me . Although some dominant wives never permit this, I must admit that I absolutly LOVE this feeling. Afterwards he is expected to clean me out orally, which is a nice way of getting him right back into the submissive mindset.

Finally, he must also be teased while denied. In my case there is nothing more pleasurable than having him go down on me, orally and anally, knowing that I will receive physical pleasure, and he will not. (The rimming is particularly satisfying to me because it seems like such a wonderful metaphor for complete dominance over him. This will ultimatley be the subject of its own post.) Of course he receives a spiritual and emotional pleasure from pleasing me which no physical pleasure could ever match, but the denial of a climax on his part ALWAYS results in a deepened desire on his part to serve me.

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miler said...

As s hubby with a masturbation problem, I can tell you that having my wife control my orgasms is the essential.