Thursday, November 10, 2005

I have not lost interest

I have not lost interest. However, while many of the posts on this blog have been very supportive, I have been adequately offended by enough of them that I have had many second thoughts about continuing this blog. I will likely return to posting, but I am not yet ready to do so.


Pleaseletme said...

i was hoping You would return as You were ready. Please do not let the behavior of a few affect the benefit of the many, more silent visitors who i'm sure have been returning often. i look forward to any post You wish to put up. Yours is a valuable voice among many intarticulate ones. As Your muse/energy returns, remember the many vs. those who are intemperate.

Just Me said...

Your blog has been very interesting to me, i hope you do not abandon it. You provide a glimpse into LFA from the point of view of the Wife, and that is so very rare.
That said, i can certainly understand your choice if you decide not to continue sharing your thoughts. In any case, i believe You are on the right track with Your marriage and wish you well in the future. Good luck and Goddess speed.

iobey said...

Katherine: There will always be those take advantage of the good naturedness of those in the online community; you have a lot of support out there - even if it's not always reflected in the comment section.


Queen'sKnight1 said...

Dear Lady Katherine,

My thoughts have been with you. I hope that you are well.

Have you considered going to your "Settings" page and selecting "Comments"? There you have several options which may be worth considering. It is possible to allow comments by only those whom you choose as "Blog Members". It is also possible to "moderate comments" (i.e. preview them before they appear publicly and decide which to allow or delete), or even to disallow comments altogether.

My best wishes for happiness to you and your husband.

wozzekk said...

There will always be a some hostility in Blog comments, it's a human thing. You write about "Loving Female Authority", so this is not for everybody!
But the majority of your readers will always be polite, friendly and supporting (count me in, I think highly about you, your husband and your writing).
Do you really want to practise "Sippenhaft" on us? (it's a German word, means "Guilt by association")?

Jeffrey Hammond said...

glad to hear you're still there, Ms. West.
i'm sure many more than have commented are "on your side" as it were.
hope to see your next post soon. sorry your blog got momentarily taken over and turned into a chat room.
i hope you can rise above the challenge and continue your most valued writing - it is worth it to you and your husband, as well as your true fans.
blessings to you

Henry Nelggs said...

Some time ago, you were kind enough to leave a nice comment on my blog, which I greatly appreciated. Let me return the favor and say how much I have appreciated your efforts in sharing your experiences in your blog.

Just as the anomynity of the web makes it easy to share intensely personal experiences such as you are doing, it also makes it easier to be a jerk. When one has been so open about so personal an experience, it must be especially painful to experience that (the jerks on my blog have been limited to spammers for stock scams).

With that said, I certainly hope you will continue your blog and not give the particular jerks in question the satisfaction of hounding you away from sharing. While you and your husband have gone far beyond where I ever envision my wife and I going, I always find your writing insightful and helpful.

Whatever the future may bring, I with you and your husband the very best.


Wayne C. Rogers said...

Dear Lady Katherine,
Do you see the power of a Dominant woman? All it takes are a few choice words to put everyone back in their place, which I hope is on their knees in front of you with heads bowed in humiliation and servitude. There's nothing worse than a rowdy submissive! Welcome back, if only for a moment.


tallchisub said...

Let me add my voice to the chorus. Please continue publishing. Your blog is so well written and makes such good sense. I hope you overcome your concerns, consider the interests of those of us who read your blog respectfully and with care, and continue posting.

GoddessAshley said...

I have enjoyed reading your journal. I will read it when you feel up to putting more into words. it is all very well written.

Quiet guy said...

I would respectfully like to offer my appologies to Ms. Katherine if I have in ANY way offended her by the comments i have posted here.

I have been wrong and I will accept full responsibility for my actions. I would only ask that Ms. Katherine find it in her heart to overlook any transgression which i may have committed.

I will give careful consideration to punishing myself for these actions and I promise that I will not repeat them in the future.

Humbly and respectfully submitted to Ms. Katherine and those reading her blog.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Quiet Guy,
Your punishment is NOT to masturbate until Lady Katherine puts up another post. We'll know if you do :-)). If any submissive men on this Blog live in Tennessee, check out Goddess Ashley's Blog. As a 55 year old submissive Scopio male, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to be whipped and caned by a beautiful 22 year old Dominatrix. I'm not usually drawn to younger women, but the Goddess Ashley got my imagination running. I suspect that she could put a real hurting on you and still have you loving every cut of the cane. For the 95 people who have checked out my non-existent Blog, I apologize to you. I had to sign up for it in order to place comments on Lady Katherine's site. I am, however, trying to figure out how to get my Blog going so that I can write some new erotic fiction. The thing is I'm basically computer illiterate, and the process looks somewhat overwhelming. In other words, I don't know what the heck I'm doing. Maybe I can figure it out before I turn 56!!!


Trinity said...

Wayne C. Rogers - Love the stuff you've written online.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

The Matrix? Follow the rabbit? Thank you for your very kind words. They're greatly appreciated, especially from such a beautiful and amazing woman as yourself. I went to your website, and all I can say is, "Holy Mackeral!" Guys, check it out. You certainly do have a lot of piercings, but on you they look really sexy. A lady (the one my novel is based on) that I was involved with several years ago made me get my left nipple pierced. That wasn't too bad. When she started talking about having the tip of my tongue and the head of my penis pierced, I got scared and ran like a bat-out-of-hell. lol. For anyone who's interested, I've got my Blog, Female Domination & Cuckoldry, up and running. I just made my first posting, which is the beginning of a short series that deals with my first experience in being cuckolded by my girlfriend when I was a teenager in high school.

Adventurer said...


Good to hear from you. There are lots of good people out here who truly enjoy your posts. Just ingnore the jerks and keep us in mind.

Hope you're having a good time. That is truly what it should all be about.

Ms.MacComb said...

Well I for one hope that when you are ready you will return to regular updates. I have enjoyed your blog so far. :)

wozzekk said...

I won't return to look for new postings, it's depressing not to find anything for ages, but I wish you and your husband all the best for your furure! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

It is sad, that people don't have the time nor patience to let somebody unfold his/her story. But I have stopped long ago to hope that there can be just good people in this world. Sometimes you have just to ignore or delete such people.

You, Katherine, were the reason why I decided to create a blog myself and get some bigger space for my soul to exist. It doesn't matter what other people think about it. Just by talking about them, publishing them, you get over them, you can see further.

Be well and joyous!

gd said...

How quaint that the dominant take charge woman is offended by some of the posts and is too upset to continue; end it then. That a "take charge dominant woman" would let a few posts from people she doesn't know affect her so much is laughable. It was a terrific story, but I suspect it was only that. Fem Dom will remain a fringe activity because it is mostly a male fantasy, that could never be sustained full time.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Listen people, this is Lady Katherine's blog, and she can do with it as she pleases. Stop trying to control her and to manipulate her into doing what you want. It takes a tremendous amount of time to write these posts and then to edit them, or to polish them up. She may not have the time right now to continue with her story. Also, if Lady Katherine were really upset about the comments, she could simply delete them. That's her choice. I don't blame her for giving this blog second thoughts. We're all starting to sound like a bunch of whining children, and that would discourage anyone. Only she knows whether or not this story is real. Whatever it is, the story's still a damn good read, and I personally hope that she'll continue with it in the near future. Remember that no one is twisting your arm, or forcing you to come to this blog. Remember too that Lady Katherine is not being paid to write this blog. She's doing it because she wanted to share something personal in her life with other people, and she has to do this at her own pace.

Just Me said...

You have created a wonderful blog, and inspired at least two of us, guggler and just me to start blogs of our own. Despite the pseudo controversy here, real Femdom exists and is no mere fantasy for some of us. Likely the actuality of it may be very different than the fantasy some very immature boys may be looking to find. i will continue to check Your page whenever i am on line, in hopes of an update when You are ready. i have come to learn my place is to wait, and i am at peace with that. Your story is Your to tell, and at Your pace. These comments show how hard it is for boys to learn patience and their proper place. In my LFA home, i know far better than to make any demands. You have given several here a good lesson, but i doubt that they will learn from it.

uryoniman said...
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uryoniman said...

I love your blog and look forward to every post. Please don't let others silence you. I think that cuckolding is one of those things that frightens when presented graphically and with repetition. It titillates theoretically but tends to terrify in reality. PLEASE keep your blog going.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

For those of you who have checked out my own blog (Female Domination & Cuckoldry) and have been waiting for a new posting, please go to the Archives Section. For some strange reason, my new postings are going straight into the Archives. Sorry for the confusion.

brian said...


thank You very much for the wealth of information i got from Your blog.
Hope You do not abandon it.