Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Impact of Cuckolding

I will very likely return to post the details of the cuckolding experience. I have written much of that post, but I am saving it for a later date. Let me talk a little bit about the aftermath of the experience as I feel that many of you may be interested in what is happening since the dust has settled.

Let me first say that we have not repeated the activity since the first encounter. Even I underestimated the intensity of this experience on my husband's submissive psyche. I do not say this to mean that the impact was negative. It certainly had the desired effect of creating a new high water mark in regard to his sub-space experience. However, I do not want this to be commonplace and jeopardize the opportunity to again hit or even exceed the emotional depth charge that it was.

I look at him differently. This is a beautiful man that has now made the ultimate surrender to me. In an evening, he layed ego, centuries of tradition, and any pretext for returning to a mainstream life at my feet. In exchange he received the perfect knowledge that he is completely and irrevocably mine.

He looks at me differently as well. It is as though I control a chemical release into his brain that he will forever need in order to feel happy and complete. Some might say the same about love, but I have known both, and I prefer this.


guggler said...

Dear Katherine,
thank you for going on on the way you chose. I admire your strength and depth. Your husband is a VERY lucky man or a very wise person.

I don't like telling people what to do, so I'll just shut up now. It's just that I love reading your words. Their poetry is occassionally breathtaking. You are speaking out some universal truths and it seems so simple and natural.

Be well,

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Lady Katherine,
Welcome back. You've been deeply missed. As before, your chosen words are written with an elegance and truth that reaches into a man's soul and hold him captive. I think all the men who read the postings on your blog wish that they could suffer so sweetly as your husband. Thank you.

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Lady Katherine,

It is good to hear from you. My thoughts have been with the both of you for your well being and happiness.

iobey said...

Thanks for the update and honesty, Katherine.


Adventurer said...


I am really pleased that things worked out so well. This is such an incredible bonding experience for the both of you and you obviously have a good grasp on it. Those of us who live vicariously through you are truly in your debt. We'll be waiting for the details.

Just Me said...

Lady Katherine,
Your blog continues to be a shinning light of truth in the vast cyber wasteland of fictional Femdom experience on the web. Thank you,

danesq71 said...


I just discoverd your blog and think it is the most erotic, entertaining and informative i have ever read. My Wife and i are headed in this lifestyle direction and your work has confirmed to me that my Wife and i should embrace the cuckolding as part of the lifestyle.I noticed that you have not posted any further details about your date with Jim after you left your home with him, is this out of respect for your husband's request to not divulge the details of his transformation into a cuckold?

Please keep us posted on your wonderful life in all its dynamics as real people like you and your hubby are the most fascinating of all to read about and learn from.

take care,

fd said...

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sotto said...

Dear Katherine-
Add my voice to those who really enjoy reading this blog. I have read many of the comments and it fascinates me that so many people dismiss what that is different from their own experience. In my case my submissive side only came out after years of marriage to a beautiful dynamic woman. The pressures of conformity had restricted us to a conventional relationship for a long time. I am trying to write about it in my own blog, happyvassal, when I have the time.
appreciatively yours,

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Boy, it sure takes a lot of time to write these posts, doesn't it, Sotto? It's not easy putting your thoughts down on paper, and then editing and polishing them up so that they make sense to other readers. Or, even worse, losing the post when you try to publish it on the blog. All that time wasted, plus you now have to start over when you have the free time. My hat goes off to Lady Katherine for the sheer amount of writing that she's done on this blog. It's quite an accomplishment!!!

miler said...

Dear Ms. West:
Please keep us posted. I check your site daily for updates on your ideal marriage. I envy you and your husband.
Sincerest regards,

will said...


Dear Lady Katherine, thank You for posting Your thoughts and experiences on this site. It has been very helpful for me as i try to understand this ultimate form of submission; something that i am intrigued by.

You mentioned a change in the way that You feel towards each other now. But i was wondering, if i may, about how You feel about Your ex fiance? the "Bull"? What sort of emotional impact or feelings does he or Your experience with him create for You? Is it purely or mainly physical? Or is it a different kind of "love", perhaps akin to lust or more traditional feelings of love?

Thank You for considering my questions and Your continued insights.

Respectfully Yours...will

leo said...

Mistress Katherine and her husband crossed the line that few dare to cross. A big step, often taken lightly on Femdom fiction, but very hard in real life. And that is what this blog is about: Real Life. And that is why I love this blog.

Her Yeoman said...

Lady Katherine, I have followed your blog for some time and just want to say thank you for taking the time to post amid your busy schedule. I often check your blog almost everyday to see any new news. Your blog has encouraged me to begin my own. Thank you again.

Wayne C. Rogers said...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm hoping that Lady Katherine will show mercy and present us with a wonderful Christmas gift in two weeks--a continuation of her truly exciting blog!

Her Yeoman said...

Lady Katherine,

Can we have an update? Pleaaaaaase???

Ms.MacComb said...

Yes by all means, update please. :)

iobey said...

It's funny, I was thinking the same thing the previous couple of posters wrote: let's finish this off. I understand that this experience was probably more then this couple thought it would be - going in; but that should be part of the narrative - the difficulty of coming to terms with submission, domination and the act of cuckholding - which I think is actually more then a lot of committed loving couples can handle.

Katherine, I do hope you can muster the strength to finish the tale and bring closure on this for all of us. If you should decide not to pursue, it will be a loss to many who have enjoyed and learned from your thoughtful and insightful blog.


manbitch4you said...

Dear Katherine,

I loved Your post. I like your husband was a submissive married cuckold. During that 3 year relationship my Goddess slept with over 50 men other than myself, perhaps an extreme number which led to a few pregnancy scares. In any case, in regard to Your stated concern about whether sleeping with other men frequently decreases his level of subspace, or leaves less of an impact, I will just say this:

It just gets worse. Stronger every time. Every time its more enjoyable and every time its more humiliating. It gets harder every time but the male is constantly impacted more and more deeply.

The man goes through a lot of things which he doesn't understand and which the woman doesn't anticipate.

The REAL realization is NOT instant. For me it continues to set in five months after the relationship ended (for unrelated issues).

To be honest with you it will be sinking in forever and I will contine to always love and hate it more. I'm an aetypical male with a one of a kind perspective and I can talk further with You about the subject if indeed You'd care to. I will also agree to speak to other women who are interested in this comment. k.thomas.j@gmail.com

However I will not engage in erotic conversation with men. Furthermore it will be one shrewd turkey who gets past my "testo-radar" by pretending to be a woman. I know better than you can fantasize how women talk so don't waste our time.


Her Yeoman said...

I just popped by for Christmas, wondering if Santa might have left a gift! Merry Christmas to all, expecially you Katherine! Hope all is well with you and your husband. Hope Santa was good to you! If we beg a little for you to grace us with some form of your literary wisdom, even if it has nothing to do with your husband and the date, would it help?

Wayne C. Rogers said...

Bah humbug!!!

mzdszilla said...

As much as many would like an update on what has transpired in Mz Katherine's and Her husband's life since that fatefull day. I am reminded of Her husband's request not to post details on this blog. Perhaps She is honoring Her husband's request. That having been said I, as a submissive husband, find this story both thrilling and beautiful in it's opening the wonders of a truly fulfilled gift of absolute submission of a husband to his Mistress Wife. It has been wonderfully written and warms my heart when I read this last sentence in this last post.

Nobody said...
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