Sunday, January 20, 2008

Third Installment

“In case you doubted anything that I’ve said,” explained Suzanne, “I’ve made copies of everything that we have. It’s all in this envelope.”

“I don’t doubt you,” I answered. “I’m grateful for what you have done. It is difficult for me, but I enjoy it.”

“Take the envelope just the same,” she said. “Did you finish the laundry?”

“Yes, ma’am. It’s all folded and laid out on your bed. You told me you didn’t want me putting it away.”

“Good boy. Finish cleaning this bathroom and meet me in my chambers. We’ll spend some time together.” I didn’t rush, but took my time to do a good job. When I was done, I cleaned myself up and met her in the chambers as has become our custom after my morning appointments. I stripped my clothes off and waited for her on my knees. She entered the room and took a seat on the throne chair in front of me. She handed me a tube of lotion and extended her foot. I began rubbing the lotion on her feet.

“Jay, I am so pleased that you like being my pet… that you like what I’ve done to you. It never would have happened if I didn’t force it. You know that don’t you?”

“Yes,” I answered. She was right.

“I think we can take your submission to a new level, add a whole new dimension to it. Would you like that?”

“It depends what you mean,” I said, still rubbing her feet.

“Will you trust me, Jay?”

“I’m scared….”

“Of course you are, Jay. You are terrified, but everything I do for you is for your own good.” She opened up her legs and revealed her beautiful pussy. “Come taste my pussy, Jay. There’s none of Ryan’s cum to get in the way, just my pussy… all for you.” I leaned in and tasted the divine musk of her body. She let me pleasure her for about fifteen minutes, cumming in fits before pulling my head away from her.

“Jay, does Kay have a birthday coming up? Or when is your anniversary? When’s the next occasion that you need to give her a gift?”

“Her birthday is in two weeks.”

“Perfect. Before you leave I have something for you to give her.”

“Yes. It’s our gift back to you for everything you have done. It is a gift certificate for twelve sessions with Ryan as her personal trainer.”

“But are you going to tell her anything? Why do you want….”

“Jay,” she pulled me back to her crotch. “Trust me, this is all for your own good.” I lost myself in her taste and smell. She leaned back in the chair, making her pussy and asshole both available to my mouth. I devoured her intimate region with a mindless devotion that made my head spin helplessly into subspace. I felt her finger brushing the back of my hair. “You love my pussy, don’t you, Jay?”

“Yes, yes I do.”

“Then say nothing more about the gift certificates. Give them to your wife, and let Ryan take it from there. We are putting a gym into what’s now an unused bedroom. She will come here for her training sessions, but this room will be locked up. She’ll never know about this room and what her husband does to my pussy in here. Ok?”

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smutty99 said...

AmysteryPlease get back to your everyday life. This story is good, but your everyday life is simply intoxicating.