Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Spinning: Installment 2

I went back to my office that afternoon, and interacted with everyone as if I had just run a couple of errands at lunch. Who could possibly suspect that I had paid a woman to lick her asshole, to let her fuck me, to make me clean her kitchen? I was the big man in the office. Everyone looked up to me at work, yet all I could think of was how good it felt surrendering to Suzanne. She definitely knew what made me tick.

I went home that night and kissed Kay. While I hadn’t sucked another man’s cock, I had licked Suzanne’s asshole, and this thought occurred to me as Kay’s lips touched my own. Kay was beautiful. She was older than Suzanne, but she looked just as young. She was tall and thin with long, dark hair, smallish breasts, but with perfect curves at her waist. Her profile showed delicate features and the line of her neck was tight and elegant. Why did I need to run around on her with a woman that humiliated me, that brought me down to the status of her pet, her possession?

That night as I lay in bed next to Kay, she rolled over and kissed my neck. This was her sign that she wanted attention. “Not tonight, Sweetheart. I have to get up early.” I rolled over to mask my erection and spent hours trying to fall asleep. When the alarm clock finally rang at 5:45, I felt as if I had just dozed off moments ago. I got up, showered, and headed out the door to run my appointed errant.

There was no light around Suzanne’s house. I parked the car in the back of her driveway and stepped out to the back door with my key. I opened the door, went inside, and found the coffee already made as promised. I was pulling together the cream and sugar when I heard noises coming from the bedroom. I placed everything on a large tray that had been set out for me, and carried it with me as I tiptoed back towards their room so as not to be heard. The door was open and from the dim light that filtered in from the approaching dawn, I could see Suzanne on her hands and knees on the bed, Ryan fucking her hard and fast from behind. He was leaning forward with his mouth on the back of her neck. She turned her head and saw me, flashing me a wicked smile that let me know I was intended to see this.

I stood silent and still in the doorway, holding the tray like a Victorian butler. Ryan pulled himself straight, clenched his fists at either side of his waist, and let out a huge cry as he filled Suzanne with his seed. I was fully dressed, in slacks a dress shirt and a tie, but I could feel my cock throbbing between my legs.

Suzanne grabbed two pillows and positioned them below her stomach. Ryan remained inside of his lover. “Put the tray down, Jay. Come over here.” She let herself fall down against the pillows below her. “What do you want to do first? Do you want to clean Ryan’s cock, or do you want to suck Ryan’s cum out of my pussy?” I stood silent as my mouth dropped in shock. Was she serious?

“I think he better clean my cock first,” said Ryan. “I have to get to work.”

“I want out, I said. “I think this has gone too far. I don’t think I can do this.” They looked at each other and laughed.

“Jay,” said Suzanne, “does the number 555-305-1212 meaning anything to you?”

“Uh, yes, where did you get that number? It was Kay’s cell phone number.

“Ryan got it off your Blackberry while you were… I don’t know… sucking my asshole, or getting fucked by me, or telling me you loved my pussy more than your wife’s.”

“You wouldn’t….”

“Shut the fuck up and suck my boyfriend’s cock, Jay.”

I went to the bed. Jay stood up on the bed which put his cock at about the height of my mouth. I leaned in, allowing Ryan to stick the cum-covered head of his cock inside of my mouth. “This is what it feels like to really be controlled, Jay. Do you like it? What’s the matter, can’t talk with a full mouth? Jay, I really don’t care if you like it or not. I think deep down you are probably a cum-sucking whore, but it doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is that you obey me. When I tell you to do something, you do it.

Ryan’s cock was semi-hard inside of my mouth, and the truth was that I did enjoy it. I did not enjoy it for its own sake, but rather because I really did like being forced to do something beyond my limits. I was being blackmailed, but I was being controlled, and ultimately this is what I craved. I was thinking of this as the oddly bitter taste of Ryan’s cum and Suzanne’s juices filled my senses with this unique new experience.

“He’s cleaned me up pretty good, Suzanne. It’s your turn.” Ryan stepped away and jumped down off the bed. He stepped towards the bathroom without even looking back at me. This left me alone with Suzanne, here ass raised on the pillows and the swollen lips of her pussy leaking Ryan’s cum. I positioned myself behind her and made quick work of cleaning her up. I could hear the water in the shower turn on as Ryan was getting himself ready for work.

“Lay on your back,” commanded Suzanne. “Let’s let gravity help you out.” She mounted my face and nearly smothered me with her crotch. I lapped and licked hungrily at her pussy as Ryan’s cum drained into my mouth. “You know,” she said, “If you think that your wife’s phone number is all I’ve got to keep you honest, you’d be very wrong. Would you like to know what was happening while you were blindfolded in my chambers yesterday?” I couldn’t respond as my mouth was completely covered. She knew this, and her question was meant to mock me.

“Ryan made a photo copy of your drivers license, took a picture of your car in my driveway… oh and he hid something in your car. You’ll never find it, but we can always tell your wife where to find it. We also wrote down the phone numbers and emails of a bunch of folks in your Blackberry, including your boss, your parents, all sorts of folks. Best of all, remember when you were kissing my pussy yesterday and telling me how much more you loved it than your wife’s pussy… we got it all on video. We also got you telling me how you would lick my ass, suck another man’s cock, and then go home and kiss your wife. I bet Kay wouldn’t like that. What do you think?”

Again, I couldn’t speak. I heard the water in the shower shut off. She rolled off of my and lay back on the bed. “All day long you’ll smell like pussy and cum, just like a slut. Go get me my coffee. I walked over and brought the tray to the bed, kneeling and presenting it to her. She put in one spoon of sugar and poured just a tiny bit of cream into the cup. “This is how I like it. Next time bring it to me already made. Ryan likes two spoonfuls of sugar and no cream.” She fixed the second cup like Ryan likes it. “Go, bring this to him.”

I put the tray back on the floor and walked the cup into Ryan. He stood in front of the mirror in a pair of boxer briefs brushing his teeth. “Hey coffee bitch, what’s up?” I handed Ryan his coffee. “You like sucking my cock this morning?” I nodded. “Good boy,” he said, rubbing the top of my head with his hand. He stepped past me and out of the bathroom. He picked a workout outfit from his closet and put it on. Suzanne was lying back in the bed sipping her coffee.

“Kneel at the end of the bed,” commanded Suzanne. I obeyed and took my place. Ryan was leaning down and tying the laces on his sneakers. He stepped past me and kissed Suzanne goodbye before leaving. “He’s a personal trainer,” explained Suzanne surprising me that even considered my obvious curiosity a matter worth wasting words over.

“Jay, let me explain what will be expected from you. You will, beginning at the first of this month, bring me one thousand dollars. I really think that this is incredibly modest given your status in life.”

“But….” I started to talk.

“Shut up, Jay. I don’t want excuses; I don’t want to hear about difficulties. I control you. I will tell you what I expect, and you will figure out how to deliver. Second, I will need you about once or twice a week to come over here. I’ll pick one morning a week and try to keep that a regular appointment. I’ll give you different task to do… cooking, cleaning, whatever I need. If you are lucky, I’ll give you the sort of attention that I know a submissive slut like you needs. The sort of attention you got this morning. The other appointment every week will be to help out in my sessions. I can charge an extra $100 for forced-bi sessions, but I need a cock for my clients to put their mouths on… yours will do nicely. I’ll let you wear a hood so that your identity will be protected, but I will whore you out as part of your duties to me. Ok, that’s it. You can leave now.”

I stood up. “Suzanne, may I ask a question?”

“One question, yes.”

“Will this ever end?”

“I don’t know. Now go.”

I walked from her room, taking the tray with me. My mind was spinning with how I was going to adjust to this new element in my life. She was right about one thing; I did ask for this. Now that I had it, I wasn’t sure I could really handle it. I was being blackmailed, but it was such a rush, touching the parts of my brain that had craved stimulation my entire life. This was a permanent state of subspace.

I went to work that morning and could barely keep focused. Because I managed our finances, I knew I could handle the monthly tribute for at least a year before Kay would notice, but in the long run, it might become tricky. Also, I could probably handle the morning meetings as that was earlier than I typically started scheduling appointments. It would be the random service calls, to handle the forced-bi sessions that concerned me. Juggling these might become a nightmare. And what else might Suzanne and Ryan have in store for me? Time would tell, but it seemed like I was getting in deeper than I had ever dreamed possible.

(more to come soon)


Susan's Pet said...

It's a great story so far. I would, and then again, I would not want to be in this man's place. But that's what fantasies provide. This is why I prefer reading to watching. With reading only the context will limit credibility or plausibility. A movie, on the other hand, is more limited, and is usually concentrated on special and sometimes irrelevant incidents at the expense of the story. Still, both have their places in erotica.

Beloved said...

I'm sitting on the edge of My seat...and looking forward to more.

oldbear said...

HI Lady Katherine, I hope you are still doing well! I hope you still have a deep and romantic marriage.

I am sorry to put my finger in the pie on my first visit back here in a long time. But this is just a reminder to all of you, people get killed trying to blackmail others.

People often comment that the D/s parts of these stories are/and should be just fantaises. They worry the subbies could get hurt or damaged.

Remember that many of the things done by the D's in these stories are illegal and can get them hurt too.

Please think long and hard before putting the squeeze on anybody! I know first hand that a harmless little joke a friend was playing for an Domme acquaintence almost ended with an OG loooking for my buddy!

Other than that, Hot sotry so far. Almost WR class!