Saturday, November 17, 2007

I have been letting you down

I feel as though I have been letting all of you down. My blog, and my later project started off with such enthusiasm, but new posts and new progress have become so rare that they and I fade to obscurity. It is so much more difficult to maintain momentum than I ever anticipated.

I have made many associations through this site, and one just forwarded me the first of several chapters of a work of erotic fiction that he has just begun. Now let me say that I have received dozens of first starts at such work. Most if not all have disappointed me within the first paragraphs. His writing, however, is remarkable.

He has offered his work and himself at my service, but I am as yet undecided about how we should proceed. Although I know it disappoints many, I would somehow like for he and I to profit from it. Unfortunately, I do now know how to go about this. Anyone that has any ideas, please let me know. I am afraid that this blog was just too much to maintain without somehow having a modest financial incentive as motive to continue.

Hopefully the archives offer something to newcomers.


mrblackmagic said...

oh my
how lazy of you.

sub1 said...

What a joke,This is nothing more than a very sad sad,blatant attempt to cash in on this, it's sickening, you're not honest enough to admit that you're motivated by potential gain and not true belief in the lifestyle.

oldbear said...

Hey you wankers, if you want to blog differently , do it yourselves. Back off the Lady!

WTF is wrong with her making a little money back!?

"Not True belief in the lifestyle"? Dude you are right, she is only motivated that she lives it and shared it with us.. WTH else do you want for proof you sully person?

Queen'sKnight1 said...

Hello Katherine,

Your fans miss you and wish you all the best.

bdenied said...

I think there was some hostility displayed here.......while we would like to hear about you and from you I dont think blogging has a law that says you must post......

magus said...

You have given us all a great deal of yourself, so thank you for your openness. As to whether or not you can make any money selling writing, consider that only about 5% of books that are published make a profit. That means that large publishers, with their vast resources of time and talent, don't know if a given work will make money or not. The best you can do is put something out and see how it does.

There's nothing wrong with you making a profit from your creative work. Why not--should only the uncreative make money? All the best, and again, thank you for the vast amount of work you have given us already.